October 23, 2017, 4:02 pm
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‘No queues please’

Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte wants to speed up the release of business permits and clearances among government departments during his term.

 In his press conference in Davao City yesterday, Duterte said he plans to implement on a national level the 72-hour ultimatum imposed on the approval of permits and issuance of clearances in government agencies in Davao City. 

“I hate seeing people queueing. My proposal is that clearances and business permits will be processed within 72 hours,” Duterte said.

 “When it comes to the release of papers that need government intervention, people are made to wait until they die,” he added.

 Late last year, the Department of Finance said the Philippines undertook reforms in April 2015 to hasten the process of starting a business, reducing the process from 16 steps and 34 days to six steps and eight days. 

Duterte said in Davao City, if clearances and business permits are not released within the prescribed three-day period, the responsible government agency will have to forward the unreleased papers to him and explain in writing why the documents were not processed within the set timeframe. 

“Where are the computers that would make (the approval process) faster?” he said.

 “We will require punctuality not only in attendance but punctuality in the release and action on the papers of the public,” he added.

 Meanwhile, to also speed up the process for Filipinos applying for work abroad, Dutertewill create the Department of Overseas Workers.

 “I’m getting a building, probably the (Manila) Post Office. It’s a historical building but no one uses it anymore (as more people prefer to use text messaging as a means of communication, over snail mail). I’d like to convert it to something functional and useful to the Filipino people,” Duterte said.

 He added those applying for overseas work should not have to go through different agencies to comply with the requirements as this can be exhausting and time-consuming. 

“(Government agencies) should use computers to speed up the process,” Duterte said.

 The department is also seen to serve as a one-stop shop for those applying for jobs abroad, with requirements like police and National Bureau of Investigation clearances and health services accessible in one building.

 “I will also arrest all illegal recruiters. I will order the arrest of those without proper permits. I will do to you what you do to others,” Duterte said.
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