June 19, 2018, 11:36 pm
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… Revives proposal to install cable cars

Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade is toying anew with the idea of installing cable cars in Metro Manila to address traffic congestion. 

Tugade said  he is finalizing the details of the proposal.

“Hopefully, I would be able to convince proponents to agree,” he said, adding the cable cars will be used as alternative mode of transportation for commuters to reduce the volume of vehicles in the metropolis.

Data from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority showed that there are at least 2.5 million vehicles going in and out of Metro Manila.

Tugade also said if the proposal would be approved, the starting point of the cable car will be in Pasig and on EDSA.

He said each cable car has a capacity to carry  35 passengers.

“I want the rate of the cable car more or less parallel with the rates of the jeepney, the bus, the taxi, LRT (Light Rail Transit)  and MRT (Metro Rail Transit). I don’t want a rate that is high so that the public can benefit,” Tugade said, adding the agency has yet to determine the fares for
the cable car rides.

Tugade said the department has been exchanging talks with cable car manufacturers in Bolivia since 2016.

He said using cable cars are better than building more infrastructures since it only worsens traffic jams.

The first aerial tramway was built in 1644 in Poland. In Bolivia and Turkey, people use cable car technology to avoid traffic congestion on the road.
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