September 25, 2017, 1:35 am
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10MW energy storage okayed

Power technology developer AES Philippines yesterday reported it will set up a 10-megawatt (MW) battery-based energy storage facility in Zambales, the first to be built in the country.

The storage facility is expected to be completed by middle of next year. It will be set up beside the company’s 600 MW Masinloc coal plant. Excess electricity produced by the coal plant or from other sources will be stored in batteries for use when regular supply to the grid falls short of requirement.

AES said the battery storage project will enhance grid reliability. It will also eventually lower power costs as it can improve the stability of transmission systems.

“Energy storage will help add to the low reserve capacity of the Philippines. It will also help store energy coming from the new RE plants that will go online and help ease challenges associated with an island-based grid system,” said Neeraj Bhat, AES managing director for Philippines. 

Aside from the Masinloc facility, AES said it is developing a bigger 40 MW storager project in Negros Occidental in time for renewable generation coming online in the Visayas region by 2016.  

“We sent NGCP (National Grid Corporation of the Philippines) a very competitive offer to provide frequency regulation services from our Negros project. We look forward to working with them on an ancillary services agreement so that the facility can help balance supply and demand on the Visayas grid, especially with all the new solar plants that will start operating in Negros next year,” Bhat explained. 

He also expressed earlier the company sees an opportunity to put up at least 200 to 250 MW of battery energy storage systems throughout the country but declined to reveal the project costs. 

Globally, AES already has 86 MW of energy storage projects in commercial operation and over 300 MW in construction or late stage development.
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