July 26, 2017, 8:42 am
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Agrinurture to set up first pineapple plantation

Agrinurture, Inc. intends to set up its first pineapple plantation in the country  next year to cater to the export market.
Larry Lacson, Agrinurture general manager for farming, yesterday said the company plans to invest P280 million in a 200-hectare plantation in South Cotabato.
Lacson said that benchmark investment for a pineapple plantation at present is at P1.4 million per hectare.
He added that 25,000 to 28,000 pineapple plants can be planted in one  hectare . 
We plan to export to the same markets - Russia, China, and the Middle East- we sell our bananas, Lacson said.  “We started planting bananas this year. Next year  after banana production has been stable then we expand  to pineapple,” he added.
The company recently entered into a long term lease contract with a banana cooperative covering 294 hectares in Tagum, Davao Del Norte.
The expansion, the company said, will increase the area of its plantation to 471 hectares from its current 177 hectares and will also boost harvest to 2.3 million boxes of Cavendish banana annually. “At present  we cannot fulfill the need of  our buyers who want  50 containers a week. Our current production at present is only about a third of the demand or about 13 to 15 containers a week,” Lacson said.
Agrinurture is currently involved in the distribution of fresh produce as well as in the manufacturing and distribution  of processed fruits and vegetables.
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