February 24, 2018, 10:32 pm
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Clark exports hit three -year high

Exports of locators in Clark rose to a three-year high in 2017 and is seen to increase further in the coming years with the registration of more locators. 

The Clark Development Corp. (CDC) reported exports from the freeport stood at $4.751 billion, an increase of  43 percent from $3.317 billion in 2016. 

The export volume is the biggest export volume since 2014 which was pegged at $4.751 billion. 

The export volume report does not include the $1.430 billion generated by Texas Instrument (TI) operating in Clark 2017. The export volume from TI is being reported directly to the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. 

Had the export volume of TI been combined with the rest of exporting companies in Clark, the volume will be $6.465 billion—an all time high.

CDC also said locators for the past year increased by 54, bringing the total to 949 at the end of 2017.

The increase is a result of the continuing efforts to make the Freeport as as one of the best investment destinations in Central Luzon, the country and the Asian region.

Clark had only 895 locators at the end of year 2016. 

In the report, the total number of locators in 2017 are broken down into the following: 165 firms in the industrial sector, 125 are in the ICT industry, 56 tourism, 218 service-related, 220 commercial, 19 are developers, 44 are institutional, 31 aviation-related, 53 logistics, 14 in utility, and four in agro-industrial. 

With the increase in locators, the number of workers in Clark also rose by 12 percent in 2017 compared to the number of employees working in the 949 companies in 2016. 

There were 107, 997 workers at end of December 2017 compared to the 93,467 workers in 2016, an increase of 14,530 in one year period.

The industrial sector inside Clark is the biggest contributor of employment generating 48,476 or 44.89 percent of the total number of workers.

This was followed by the ICT industry (of mostly business process outsourcing firms) with 23,439 workers of 22.70 percent of the total number of employees here.

Third in the number of total number of workers by industry are the developer firms with 13,120 or 12.15 percent and the fourth in the list are the tourism-related projects with 8,745 workers or 8.10 percent.
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