July 19, 2018, 6:00 am
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MTD sees NGAC Phase 1 ready by Oct. next year

KUALA LUMPUR - MTD Philippines, Inc. expects to have financial closure in the next month or so of the P9.5-billion loan required to finance the P13.7-billion initial phase of the National Government Administrative Center (NGAC) within the New Clark City.

Patrick Nicholas David, president of MTD Philippines, told reporters here the company is committed to deliver by October 2019 “by hook or by crook” Phase 1A of NGAC, which includes, among others, sports facilities to be used at the Philippine hosting of the 30th Southeast Asian Games in Clark in November 30 next year.

David said for now, the Philippine unit of Alloy MTD is putting in P4 billion in equity for the project,while the company is in talks with two banks for the loan.

Phase 1B, which would be composed of the buildings for the government offices, would cost another P10 billion, to be delivered by December 2021.

According to David, Phase 1A will be composed of the Athletic Center which would have a race track, a swimming pool and a stadium that could seat 20,000.  

It would also have a 22,000-square meter Athletic Village that can house 1,000 athletes and participants in the SEA Games.

Later, this village can be used as residences of government workers in the NGAC.

David said the sports facilities would have been the Phase 5 of the NGAC but was accelerated for the SEA Games.

He said this would be MTD Group’s second such sports center after its Bukit Jalil in Malaysia.

“We are just waiting for the final approval of the loan facility by the respective boards of the two banks,” said David who declined to elaborate except to say these are both Philippine banks.

Phase 1A would also include initially two government offices to be used as resiliency center of agencies involved in disaster and calamity response. 

David said these will be permanent structures that would coordinate all rescue and relief operations. 

He added earth movement is being done now in the 40-hectare Phase 1A within NGAC in Capas, Tarlac. 

David said moving all of the national government agencies’ headquarters to Clark should be done gradually so as not paralyze operations. 

He also noted the need to build a community rather than just an administrative center and residential development to include schools, churches and places of interest at the NGAC.
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