January 20, 2018, 6:49 pm
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PH ranks high in cybersecurity

Filipinos should be cautious and vigilant in accessing the internet given the increasing cybersecurity threats, said information technology expert Rey Lugtu.

The global cybersecurity index report showed the Philippines ranked 39 out of 193 countries worldwide in global cybersecurity preparedness based on three aspects – technical, legal/regulatory and cultural/organizational.

Lugtu, Global Chamber advisor, said the Philippines is ahead of other countries in the legal aspect due to laws in place such as the Data Privacy Act, anti-wire tapping law and e-commerce law.

However, he said the Philippines has a low rate in thecultural aspect compared to other countries as majority of Filipinos are still not aware of the online threats that they easily accept emails and download applications without knowing the risks.

Given this, the Global Chamber, a community of chief executive officers, executives, professionals and students in over 500 metropolitan areas around the world, has organized the “Forum on Cyber Security & The Internet of Things,” which aims to educate and raise awareness on cybersecurity threats.

“We hope to use this occasion to provide Filipinos with a better grasp of recent developments in the automated ageas well as the technologies and best practices to help everyone protect themselves and their systems from attack and unauthorized access,” said Colin Christie, Global Chamber executive director.

The group said top cybersecurity expert Marc Goodman is coming to Manila for the web forum to discuss the technological advances in the cyberworld and its many pitfalls.
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