September 25, 2017, 1:22 am
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‘Wishcovery’ finalists are ready to conquer global music scene

Wish FM’s “Wishcovery” is an online contest that aims to discover Filipino singers who can potentially make it to the global music arena. 

Three months after its launch, the first online singing contest introduces “The Wishful 20,” the twenty chosen singers who will move on to the live competition. They are Al Fritzi, Audrey Ranelyn Malaiba, Carmela V.Ariola, Charlene Hernandez, Chris Noel Bernalde, Daniel Briones, Daniel Joshua Supnet, Diana Tabitha B. Caro, Hacel Bartolome, Jenimay Mabini, JM Bales, John Harvey Magos, Kimberly F. Baluzo, Kristine Joy Peralta, Louie Ann Culala, Louise Ann Manuel, Lyza B. Boñol, Princess Sevillena, Vien King, and Zekiah Jane Miller. 

“Wishcovery” is hosted by Kris Lawrence and features a talented panel of judges called “Reactors” composed of Jungee Marcelo, Annie Quintos and Jay-R.

All “Wishful” performances will happen inside the Wish Bus. The competition will utilize “power viewing” on YouTube as part of the criteria for judging. All songs to be performed will be local music, in honor of Filipino talent.
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