May 28, 2018, 5:50 am
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1 Philippine Peso = 0.06987 UAE Dirham
1 Philippine Peso = 2.04394 Albanian Lek
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03405 Neth Antilles Guilder
1 Philippine Peso = 0.46707 Argentine Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02507 Australian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03386 Aruba Florin
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03804 Barbados Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 1.58684 Bangladesh Taka
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03178 Bulgarian Lev
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00718 Bahraini Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 33.30759 Burundi Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01902 Bermuda Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02521 Brunei Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13049 Bolivian Boliviano
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06941 Brazilian Real
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01902 Bahamian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 1.2997 Bhutan Ngultrum
1 Philippine Peso = 0.18862 Botswana Pula
1 Philippine Peso = 380.82557 Belarus Ruble
1 Philippine Peso = 0.038 Belize Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02456 Canadian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01888 Swiss Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 11.92087 Chilean Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.1215 Chinese Yuan
1 Philippine Peso = 54.23245 Colombian Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 10.69241 Costa Rica Colon
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01902 Cuban Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 1.79018 Cape Verde Escudo
1 Philippine Peso = 0.41871 Czech Koruna
1 Philippine Peso = 3.37645 Djibouti Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.12092 Danish Krone
1 Philippine Peso = 0.9416 Dominican Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 2.20987 Algerian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25394 Estonian Kroon
1 Philippine Peso = 0.33993 Egyptian Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.51779 Ethiopian Birr
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01623 Euro
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03907 Fiji Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01422 Falkland Islands Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01425 British Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.08823 Ghanaian Cedi
1 Philippine Peso = 0.89024 Gambian Dalasi
1 Philippine Peso = 171.23835 Guinea Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13955 Guatemala Quetzal
1 Philippine Peso = 3.93875 Guyana Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.14924 Hong Kong Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.45305 Honduras Lempira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.11993 Croatian Kuna
1 Philippine Peso = 1.23264 Haiti Gourde
1 Philippine Peso = 5.18261 Hungarian Forint
1 Philippine Peso = 268.49914 Indonesian Rupiah
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06761 Israeli Shekel
1 Philippine Peso = 1.28921 Indian Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 22.52235 Iraqi Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 800.64676 Iran Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 2.00476 Iceland Krona
1 Philippine Peso = 2.38368 Jamaican Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01348 Jordanian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 2.08195 Japanese Yen
1 Philippine Peso = 1.91839 Kenyan Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 1.2975 Kyrgyzstan Som
1 Philippine Peso = 77.23036 Cambodia Riel
1 Philippine Peso = 7.96595 Comoros Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 17.12003 North Korean Won
1 Philippine Peso = 20.46376 Korean Won
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00575 Kuwaiti Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0156 Cayman Islands Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 6.24805 Kazakhstan Tenge
1 Philippine Peso = 158.41735 Lao Kip
1 Philippine Peso = 28.6285 Lebanese Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 3.00552 Sri Lanka Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 2.59102 Liberian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.23569 Lesotho Loti
1 Philippine Peso = 0.05799 Lithuanian Lita
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0118 Latvian Lat
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02586 Libyan Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.18008 Moroccan Dirham
1 Philippine Peso = 0.31929 Moldovan Leu
1 Philippine Peso = 0.99391 Macedonian Denar
1 Philippine Peso = 25.77516 Myanmar Kyat
1 Philippine Peso = 45.76412 Mongolian Tugrik
1 Philippine Peso = 0.15373 Macau Pataca
1 Philippine Peso = 6.73388 Mauritania Ougulya
1 Philippine Peso = 0.65627 Mauritius Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.29618 Maldives Rufiyaa
1 Philippine Peso = 13.63553 Malawi Kwacha
1 Philippine Peso = 0.37196 Mexican Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07566 Malaysian Ringgit
1 Philippine Peso = 0.23683 Namibian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 6.82899 Nigerian Naira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.59717 Nicaragua Cordoba
1 Philippine Peso = 0.15404 Norwegian Krone
1 Philippine Peso = 2.06962 Nepalese Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02745 New Zealand Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00732 Omani Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01902 Panama Balboa
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0621 Peruvian Nuevo Sol
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06201 Papua New Guinea Kina
1 Philippine Peso = 1 Philippine Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 2.19897 Pakistani Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06975 Polish Zloty
1 Philippine Peso = 108.10348 Paraguayan Guarani
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06924 Qatar Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0751 Romanian New Leu
1 Philippine Peso = 1.17631 Russian Rouble
1 Philippine Peso = 16.13468 Rwanda Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07134 Saudi Arabian Riyal
1 Philippine Peso = 0.15092 Solomon Islands Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.25547 Seychelles Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.34155 Sudanese Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.16566 Swedish Krona
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02546 Singapore Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01422 St Helena Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.42241 Slovak Koruna
1 Philippine Peso = 149.32471 Sierra Leone Leone
1 Philippine Peso = 10.69051 Somali Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 397.78391 Sao Tome Dobra
1 Philippine Peso = 0.16644 El Salvador Colon
1 Philippine Peso = 9.79608 Syrian Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.23678 Swaziland Lilageni
1 Philippine Peso = 0.60662 Thai Baht
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0483 Tunisian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.04363 Tongan paʻanga
1 Philippine Peso = 0.08961 Turkish Lira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.1286 Trinidad Tobago Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.56886 Taiwan Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 43.27563 Tanzanian Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 0.49705 Ukraine Hryvnia
1 Philippine Peso = 71.0291 Ugandan Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01902 United States Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.5933 Uruguayan New Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 151.83565 Uzbekistan Sum
1 Philippine Peso = 1494.25528 Venezuelan Bolivar
1 Philippine Peso = 433.30797 Vietnam Dong
1 Philippine Peso = 2.03595 Vanuatu Vatu
1 Philippine Peso = 0.04914 Samoa Tala
1 Philippine Peso = 10.63667 CFA Franc (BEAC)
1 Philippine Peso = 0.05136 East Caribbean Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 10.63667 CFA Franc (BCEAO)
1 Philippine Peso = 1.926 Pacific Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 4.75366 Yemen Riyal
1 Philippine Peso = 0.23681 South African Rand
1 Philippine Peso = 98.716 Zambian Kwacha
1 Philippine Peso = 6.88415 Zimbabwe dollar

Bea back with a vengeance on the big screen

BEA Alonzo is tagged by some folks as the movie queen of her generation but she didn’t do a single movie last year. Her last movie was still “How to Be Yours” in 2016 with ex Gerald Anderson. How come? 

“Kasi I was doing ‘A Love to Last’ on primetime and it was extended several times so no time for me to do a movie,” she explains.

But this year, she’s back on the big screen with a vengeance as she is in the cast of no less than three new films. Her first movie for  this year, “Kasal”, directed by Ruel Bayani, is scheduled to be shown   May 16. Also completed is the mystery-horror flick, “Eerie,” a collaboration between ABS-CBN and a Singaporean company. The story is set in a Catholic school where a murder and a suicide have been committed and Bea plays a teacher who helps solve the case. She co-stars with Charo Santos Concio, Maxene Magalona and Jake Cuenca, directed by Mikhail Red of the acclaimed “Birdshot.” Her third movie will be her first team up with Aga Muhlach.

In “Kasal,” Bea plays Lia, a schoolteacher who’s all set to marry Paulo as Philip, Cebu’s most eligible bachelor. She suddenly becomes a public figure when her fiance, who comes from a political family, is forced to run as mayor. And things get even more complicated when her ex-boyfriend, Derek Ramsay as Wado, returns home just before the wedding. Secrets will be revealed and Bea is put in a dilemma as to who between the two guys she should ultimately choose.


Jameson Blake admits he feels sad when he’s bashed by fans of the Janella Salvador-Elmo Magalona love team now that he’s the one paired with Janella in Regal’s “So Connected” that opens in theaters on May 23.  “What hurts the most is being called a user,” he says.

“Ginagamit ko raw si Janella para sumikat ako. Before this, ang dami ko na ring ginawang ibang movies. I’m a working actor and Regal offered me this project with Janella, so both of us, we’re just doing our jobs. But that’s their opinion, so bahala sila.”

Jameson confessed that he is the actor that director Jun Lana lambasted for allegedly treating his movie projects just as a “racket.” They’re now doing the film “Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi”. “My handler was asking his permission for me to leave the set early, kasi may maaga akong call time the next day,” he says. “I understand naman si Direk Jun na gusto lang niyang mas mapaganda ang movie namin.  But okay na kami. For sure, matatapos namin nang maayos ang aming movie.”

“So Connected” is written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana and he’s asked if he had a similar problem with Jameson? 

“Wala naman,” he says. “He’s actually very nice and nice to work with.”


Child star Leanne Bautista gets her biggest break in acting as the daughter of Jennylyn Mercado and Tom Rodriguez in GMA-7’s new suspense-thriller, “The Cure.” Born on October 14, 2010, the 7-year old kiddie star and only child started as a TV commercial model. In acting, she auditioned with GMA-7 and was first introduced two years ago as the adopted daughter of Heart Evangelista in “Juan Happy Love Story.”

This was followed by “Ika-6 na Utos” where she played the daughter of Zoren Legaspi and “Mulawin vs. Ravena.” Then she was also a guest in single episodes of several drama shows. Although busy as a child actress, she has not neglected her studies. She’s now in Grade 3. 

“Home school po ako,” she adds. “Dinadala ko po sa set ang studies ko at may cut off po ako sa taping at 8 p.m., pero puede ring 12 midnight kapag ‘di pa tapos mga eksena ko.”

So how is it working with Jennylyn and Tom in “The Cure”? 

“Mababait po sila, pati si Direk Mark Reyes. Inaalagaan po nila ako sa set. Si Ate Jen, sinasama ako kapag namamasyal sila ng anak niya, si Alex Jazz. Dalawang beses na kaming nagpunta sa Kidzania.”


Riva Quenery is the true general’s daughter. Her dad is Gen. Robert Quenery, PMA 1985 graduate now assigned in Region 7. Riva used to be part of Girltrends in “It’s Showtime,” but she’s now on her own as a vlogger and you tube sensation. Born on May 29, 1998, she’s the youngest of three kids and the only girl. Her dad was against it when she said she wanted to join showbiz. 

“He wants me to finish college as I was taking up dentistry,” she says. “But I said baka pagsisihan ko later kapag hindi ko na-try gawin ang talagang gusto ko.”

She started to be a vlogger in 2016 and the name of her vlog is RiVlog, which she runs all by herself. “I post stories about my travels, my dance numbers, and also challenges and requests made by my followers.”

Now known as an online influencer, she got YouTube’s Silver Play Button Award, given to those with 100,000 subscribers. She now has almost 350,000 regular followers and is staging her first major concert two days before her birthday on May 27, “RiVlog Live!” at the SM Skydome in North Edsa. Her guests are Mariz Racal, Awra Briguela, Zeus Collins, plus close friends Krisha Viaje and Samie Rimando. You can get your concert tickets at 470-2222 or online at


Barbie Forteza is back on the same time slot she had before in “Meant to Be” as the last soap shown   evening primetime on GMA. This time, her new show, “Inday Will Always Love You,” is a romantic-comedy pairing her anew with Derrick Monasterio with whom she did the hit

“The Half Sisters.” Barbie plays Happylou, a perky spirited girl who is the daughter of Manilyn Reynes as Marta, with Ricky Davao as Philip, her long-lost father and Nova Villa as Lola Loleng, her doting grandma. 

After she loses her job in a litsunan because of a visitor, Derrick Monasterio as Patrick, she is encouraged by her friend Juancho Trivino as Ernest to relocate to Cebu and work there in a litsunan where she again meets Derrick, who turns out to be the nephew of Ricky Davao, the owner of the litsunan. Although Barbie’s relationship with Derrick starts on the wrong foot, we know that they will eventually warm up to each other and romance is soon in the air. The problem is Derrick is the son of Gladys Reyes as Amanda, the sister of Ricky, so could it be that they’re first cousins since Barbie doesn’t know yet that Ricky is her long-lost dad?

During the presscon, Barbie was praised lavishly by her senior co-stars. “First time ko nakatrabaho si Barbie was in the movie, ‘Mariquina’, for which she won a best supporting actress award,” says Ricky. “Good role model siya sa actors na ka-age niya ngayon kasi she’s very respectful, tahimik lang sa set but serious with her craft and does what is expected from her.”

“Una kong nakasama si Barbie sa ‘Nita Negrita,’ my first soap sa GMA-7,” says Nova. “Kaya nakita ko ang pag-akyat ng career niya. Batambata pa siya noon pero nakita ko na agad na magaling siya. Masarap siyang katrabaho kasi maganda lagi ang mood at napakagaling mag-memorize ng lines niya.”

But naturally, Barbie is overwhelmed with all the praises she heard from her senior co-stars. “Wow, music to my ears. Very encouraging at dahil diyan, lalo kong pagbubutihin ang trabaho ko. Promise. I won’t let you down.”


JV Kapunan joins Megasoft Hygienic Products’ roster of celebrity endorsers that includes Jolina Magdangal, Myrtle Sarossa and Ryle Santiago. We asked Marketing VP Aileen Choi Go why they chose JV as their newest ambassador.

“Unang-una, he has such a pleasing personality, a cutie pie, he’s young and will never grow old,” she says. “He’s also very talented. He can sing, dance, act and even compose his own songs. The whole package. And we love it that he comes from a good family and his parents are so involved in him, Gen. and Ambassador to Myanmar Eduardo Kapunan and his mom, Elsa. At his very young age, JV also has his own charity organization, the Lahing Bayani Foundation that sends children of soldiers to school. So, ano pang hahanapin mo?”

What can JV say about this? “It’s an honor to be part of Megasoft and endorse their various products. I really like their advocacy of going around schools all over the country to make young people realize the value of having a good education. They should all listen to their parents.

When I was small, I hated my dad and I cannot understand why he’s so strict with me. But now, I realized that it’s all part of molding me for me to get all the good values he wants to share with me. We’re now very close.”
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