September 25, 2017, 1:38 am
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Bianca Umali: Ready for the big time

BIANCA Umali is the cover girl of an online magazine called Fair and she looks exceedingly chic and beautiful, oozing with so much star quality that GMA-7 should really prepare her for future superstardom. She’s currently being seen as Lawiswis in “Mulawin vs. Ravena” that ends this week and we think she should be given a solo project next time, not a teenybopper love story, but a more mature drama since she also happens to be a very good actress. 

At 17, Bianca is definitely ready for the big time as she’s about to bloom and blossom ever more beautifully in the days to come. Right now, she’s tied up with her screen partner, Miguel Tanfelix, who plays Pagaspas in “Mulawin vs. Ravena.”

And judging from recent interviews with her, she doesn’t want to be paired anymore with anybody else but just Miguel. “‘Yung puso at isip ko, kay Miguel lang naka-focus,” she said.  “Para akong may one-track mind na siya lang ang nakikita ko.”

What if she’s paired with another actor? 

“Ayoko na sa iba. Si Miguel lang ang gusto ko.”

We honestly don’t think this will be healthy for her career, even if Miguel shares the same feelings for her. She should be more open-minded when it comes to her career. She must be ready to go solo and be paired with other actors so she can have a well-rounded career, rather than just be identified with one partner. 

But right now, the fans of her love team with Miguel should enjoy the few remaining days of their participation in “Mulawin vs. Ravena” that ends on Friday, to be replaced by Marian Rivera’s “Super Ma’am.” 


Carmi Martin plays a very interesting role in “Loving in Tandem” that opens in theaters tomorrow. She is the mother of four boys with different nationalities as they have different fathers.  

“Yes, united colors and mga anak ko kasi iba-iba ang lahi ng mga ama nila dahil sa aking colorful love life in the story,” said the actress, who turned 54 last August 9 but looks much younger than her age. 

In real life, she has remained single, which she says is by choice, and has no child at all. In the movie, her four sons are Jordan (Thou Reyes), Gong Ho (Ryan Bang), Tupe (Marco Gallo) and Luke (Edward Barber.) 

“Ako rin ‘yung tumatayong nanay-nanayan ni Maymay Entrata as Shine,” added Carmi, who was also busy on TV in the recently concluded “Better Half” and in “Wansapantaym” with Awra Briguela. 


Matthias Rhoads feels so lucky to be chosen by GMA-7 as the leading man of Marian Rivera in her new primetime show, “Super Ma’am.” Matthias was first noticed when he appeared as the prospective groom in a Jollibee TV commercial. He was then introduced by GMA-7 as one of the JEYA Boys in “Meant to Be.” And now, he gets launched as Marian’s love interest no less.

“At first, I was really intimidated,” he said. “I just get stunned when I look at her because she’s not only very beautiful but she also acts great. They tell me nga, why are you tulala? But she turned out to be very warm and friendly. She gives me valuable acting tips and for that, I will forever be grateful to this super sweet, super ganda, super galing na leading lady.”

Marian said Matthias learns easily. “Okay naman siyang turuan kasi may willingness to siya to learn para mas gumaling siya bilang aktor,” she related. “Noong una, halatang nahihiya pa siya kaya biniro kong turuan niya ako ng English at ako naman ang magtuturo sa kanya ng Tagalog para mas ma-relax siya.”

Matthias praised Marian in his social media account and he got the surprise of his life when some fans quickly bashed him because of this, telling him: “Feelingero ka. Mahiya ka naman kay Dingdong Dantes. Huwag kang umastang bida ka dahil STARLET ka pa rin.”

But some fans of Marian defended him, saying: “There’s nothing wrong with the posts of Matthias dahil na-appreciate lang niya ang pagiging mabait ni Yanyan sa kanya. Walang masama roon and he does not deserved such negative bashings.”


Heart Evangelista is thankful her series, “My Korean Jagiya,” quickly gained a lot of loyal followers. “I should also thank all my co-stars, pati all the Korean actors who are part of the show, kasi nagkatulong-tulong kaming lahat to make sure we give a highly entertaining show in every episode,” she said. 

She and her husband Sen. Chiz Escudero are planning to have a baby by next year. “Kapag natapos ang airing ng show, we will prioritize it na, kaya baka maging last show ko muna itong ‘My Korean Jagiya.’ Chiz isn’t pressuring me naman to give him a baby but at my age, which is 32, I think it’s the right time to have my own. Kasi now, I’m already a mom of two: Chiz’ 9-year old twins with his first marriage, who are both very well behaved so we all get along fine. But I think I’m ready to have my own at ang gusto ko, isang baby lang, it doesn’t matter kung boy or girl, basta healthy and normal in everything.”

Does Sen. Chiz get jealous when she does romantic scenes with Korean actor Alexander Lee? 

“Not at all. Maski kay Dennis Trillo noon in ‘Juan Happy Love Story,’ wala. Sabi ko nga, magselos ka naman. I think it’s because he really trusts me, alam niyang trabaho lang ito and, also, he feels so secure about himself kaya there’s no jealousy in his vocabulary. He also knows that Alexander Lee and the other Koreans are treated like family kasi madalas sila sa aming bahay. And I’m grateful na very supportive siya sa career ko and not the type na maraming ipagbabawal na gawin ko.”  
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