April 26, 2018, 7:42 pm
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Ellen can give other sexy stars a run for their money

Andrea Torres is luckier than most GMA stars.
The actress renewed her ties with the Kapuso Network. She was welcomed by GMA officers after signing an exclusive network contract at the GMA Network Center. Present were the bigwigs of GMA Entertainment TV lead by Senior Vice President Lilybeth G. Rasonable and Andrea’s manager, Rams David, president of All Access to Artists. She is co-managed by GMA Artist Center.
While some GMA stars are waiting for an offer to have their contract renewed, Andrea easily got a new three-year exclusive contract ready for her signature just days after her old contract expired. Andrea is soon to do a new soap but while waiting, she is seen regularly in the party show of GMA, “Sunday All Stars” and the gag show, “Bubble Gang.”
Actor Marvin Agustin, who was once a waiter, is now one of the most successful restaurateur in the land.
Exciting twists await viewers as TV5’s psycho drama thriller “Obsession” draws to its last three weeks starting next Thursday at 8 p.m. In a pocket press conference organized by TV5 for Marvin Agustin in his newly-opened restaurant Boqueria in Mandaluyong, he disclosed the intriguing future of his character, Dr. Ramon Mendoza, in the show.
Now, speaking of Boqueria, did you know that he has established ten restaurants? All
in all, he has forty-eight, including his other franchises. This makes him the most successful actor who ventured in the restaurant business and he’s planning to open a lot more as he admits that other than acting, food and restaurant are his other obsessions, so to speak.
Speaking of “Obsession,” Alwyn Uytingco was pulled out of the show right after the story conference as TV5 had bigger plans for him. Now he has his own show, “Beki Boxer.” 
Originally a one-hour once a week show just like “Obsession,” the TV5 management like what they saw in the pilot so it was ordered that it be changed to a daily soap as it pilots this Monday at 7 p.m., replacing “Let’s Ask Pilipinas.”
Alwyn has been in the business for a long time, so he’s thankful to TV5 for finally giving him this break. He doesn’t mind playing a gay role, because, in the first place, the first role that got him good notice was as a gay, in the “Tanging Ina” series of Star Cinema. Alwyn played the gay son of Ai Ai delas Alas.
In “Beki Boxer,” he is joined by Vin Abrenica and Claire Hartell of “Artista Academy” and “Star Factor,” respectively.
Former Kapuso Ellen Adarna is now a Kapamilya, and she’s turning a lot of heads in ABS-CBN. She is a part of the new afternoon soap, “Moon of Desire,” starring JC de Vera and Meg Imperial. During the presscon, while Ellen was being asked by the press, our colleagues cannot help but notice how some of her co-actors were giving her a disdainful look. Then again, maybe that is just the way they stare at people.
One of the most liberated stars today, she is actually the daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman who owns several hotel chains in Cebu. 
It may be Meg who is the top female star of “Moon of Desire,” but she’s in danger of being overshadowed by the daring and sultry Ellen if she doesn’t work on vamping up her image.
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