February 24, 2018, 10:36 pm
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Hard court hotties, band guitarist relate how they won the battle of the bulge

THERE is no shortcut to success. Hard court hotties Anthony and David Semerad and Allan Elgar, lead guitarist of True Faith, got their fame through a lot of hours of practice, patience and hard work. Just like ordinary folks, though, they have their off days. In the midst of their busy schedules, these busy celebrities got sidetracked, neglected their health and gained weight. 

In the case of the Semerad twins, they found just how fattening “12 cups of rice a day” is during their vacation abroad four months ago. They bulked up, gained a lot of pounds as they enjoyed their time in Australia.

To get back to their old form on and off the basketball court, the two knew that they needed to get focused on a fitness routine and a strict diet. To get motivated to haul their butts off to the gym, the twins tried Euphoria Maxx. David and Anthony found that the formula of the body building supplement from Bargn Farmaceutici Phils Co. was right for their active lifestyle as results-driven fitness consumers who want to get the most out of their workout. The two readily accepted the chance to endorse Euphoria Maxx, which, they say, also helps improve overall health by keeping the immune system strong. 

 “We are extremely grateful and excited that we can get to endorse product that we really use, our focus and dedication to living healthy and fit is very important, and Euphoria contributes a lot, it easily helped us again lean muscles and endurance,” said David and Anthony.

Euphoria Maxx, according to Nino Bautista and Red Gatus, managing directors of BFPC, is formulated with potent herbs and amino acids and was designed by scientists and wellness experts at the company. The product can safely boost
testosterone to help user gain lean muscles it also contains amino acids for energy, stamina and immunity. It is free of banned substances and is based on cutting edge nutritional science and the highest quality ingredients to deliver optimal performance and results.

The buffed twins maintain that there is no substitute for sweating it out in the gym and sticking to a nutritious diet that is right for you to achieve a fit form. 

For Allan Elgar, lead guitarist of one of the most enduring bands in the land, True Faith, the crazy schedule and rock and roll lifestyle took a toll on his physical well being.

“I gained so much weight for the past 5 to 6 years because of a combination of binge eating and lack of exercise. Plus, it did not help that I usually don’t get enough sleep at night because of my profession as a touring musician,” he related. 

He also found himself suffering from many weight-related health issues: “When I was at my heaviest, I frequently had regular lower back pains, knee and feet soreness, gastric discomfort, and I was always feeling lethargic.”

That’s why it’s remarkable for Allan to regain his health and keep a trim figure despite the demands of his profession. From a stocky 205 pounds, the 43-year-old rakista is now maintaining his healthy weight of 135 pounds and is more than happy to share his journey to weight loss.

The pressure to look “fit for the band” combined with the many health problems that came with his extra weight eventually led him to seek medical help. With the recommendation of his friends in the entertainment industry, he enrolled in the Cohen’s
Lifestyle Program: “I took the Cohen program in July 2015 mainly because I felt very unhealthy and tired of carrying all the extra weight I have accumulated through the years. Being a performer, I also want to look good in front of the public.” 

The Cohen’s Lifestyle Program is a rapid weight loss and wellness program devised by international specialist Dr. Rami Cohen. It is individually prescribed based on one’s unique blood profile and uses food to correct the imbalance of hormones that cause weight gain. 

Allan recalled following an eating plan under the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program was not easy but it was doable. “I made a few sacrifices along the way. I had to prepare and eat all my food early because I would be out by 9 p.m. to do late night gigs. I also had to prepare my food days in advance when playing out-of-town gigs.” 

In the end, it was a worthy sacrifice for a healthy body. “Imagine, I lost almost 60 lbs. in 4 months by just eating the right kind and the right amount of food!  I learned how to eat healthier and as a bonus, I developed my skills in preparing and cooking my own food.”

It has been months since Allan graduated from the program, but he still continues to maintain his ideal weight by following the healthy lifestyle introduced by the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program. “I feel good. My clothes now fit better and I have more energy to get through the day,” he says, beaming with pride.  

For more on Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre, call (02) 825-5251, 0917-892-6436, and 0917-898-4280 to 82.
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