September 25, 2017, 1:34 am
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Marian returns to primetime as super hero

Marian Rivera is back on primetime via the fantasy series, “Super Ma’am.”

The actress acknowledged there were several projects offered to her, but “Super Ma’am,” which she noted sounds like “super mom” – a role she thoroughly enjoys – is the right one for her.

“Sabi nga nila, ito ang nararapat para sa akin,” she said at the press conference last Monday, September 11.

“Super Ma’am” has GMA’s prized talent playing the odd but dedicated high school teacher Minerva Henerala, who believes in the mythical creatures Tamawo. With the help of the Tamawo Slayer Ceres, played by Carmina Villaroel, the quirky school teacher is transformed into Super Ma’am.

More than just a story about extraordinary mythical creatures, the series recognizes the invaluable role of teachers as second parents. Marian’s role as Minerva is a role model not only in nurturing every child’s potential, but also in showcasing and proving that there is a good teacher in all of us.

This series also features the return of seasoned actress Helen Gamboa to GMA. She breathes life to the character of Lolita Honorio, Minerva’s grandmother who also believes in the Tamawo. 

“We tape three times a week and I enjoy our tapings kasi para kaming totong family nina Marian,” she related. “Puro kwentuhan at tawanan lang sa set.”

Newcomer Matthias Rhoads plays Trevor Jones, an American archaeologist and writer who falls in love with Super Ma’am, while Kim Domingo plays Mabelle Henerala/Avenir Segovia, Minerva’s lost-sister who becomes interested in Trevor.

Meanwhile Al Tantay stars as Minerva’s dad; Julius Miguel is her younger brother, and Dina Bonnevie is her mother.

Making Minerva’s life a little more challenging and interesting is Jackie Lou Blanco as Greta Segovia, the main villainess and the radical and powerful Tamawo disguised as the rich benefactor of the school.

Joyce Ching is Dalikmata, a powerful elemental who falls for Ace, played by Kristoffer Martin, a Tamawo employed by Greta to do personal security work. Kevin Santos stars as Casper, a quirky media personality who reports weird happenings in the metro and Isabelle de Leon is the sexy Tamawo Rafa. Andrew Gan is Keno, Greta’s henchman. 

Adding color to Teacher Minerva’s life are her students played by Jillian Ward, Ash Ortega, Marika Sasaki, Vincent Magbanua, Ralph Noriego, and co-teachers Enrico Cuenca, Meg Imperial, Ashley Rivera, and Shyr Valdez, who plays the principal. 

Jerald Napoles stars as Esteban, the talkative janitor at Minerva’s school who secretly loves Minerva. 

Ai Ai delas Alas, Marian’s friend, also has a special role in the series.

Under the helm of LA Madridejos, “Super Ma’am” airs beginning September 18 on GMA primetime.
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