October 23, 2017, 1:05 pm
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‘Nuances of Form’

GALERIE Stephanie is pleased to present “Nuances of Form,” the 3rd edition of its annual sculpture review at the lobby of 8 Rockwell from September 11 to 17, 2017.  The sculpture review has been an advocacy of the gallery to highlight the practice which seems to draw less attention than painting in the amount of exhibitions and critical notice in a year.  In fact, there are only two National Artists for Sculpture, where as there are ten for Painting, plus the exception of Federico Alcuaz whose award encompasses both.  Abby Frias Teotico, the gallery director, notes that despite less attention given by art collectors to sculptures, the gallery is committed to showcasing the art form as there are still artists who create them. The galleries which do have sculptures often just show certain prominent sculptors without giving a chance to new comers or to those whose styles are not currently embraced by the market.  “There are only a handful of exhibitions devoted to a broad band of sculptures yearly, so Galerie Stephanie is committed to doing its part.” This year’s review, is curated by Ricky Francisco, who is the curator of Fundacion Sanso, and has headed similar initiatives to bring art to more people. He has curated the Philippine featured section of Art Kaohsiung last year, and the 25th Anniversary of the Art Walk in Megamall.  Francisco says that “Many Filipinos are intimidated by art. Often, only a certain segment of the population go to museums and galleries.  In my experience, bringing art to the mall exposes more people to art.  And people naturally appreciate art.  I often introduce some pieces which challenge accepted notions of what art is, to introduce non-museum goers to other ways of seeing reality and life.”  Francisco also notes that while painting is the more popular art form, Filipinos are very tactile and are often tempted to touch art.  Sculpture, being more robust and textured, generally withstands handling and the touch of the curious. For this year, the theme and title of the exhibition is “Nuances of Form.” The roster of artists includes practitioners ranging from those who do conceptual art, abstract sculpture, abstract expressionism, even steam punk.  But also included are artists whose practice straddle academic traditions, found objects, street and craft, often with overlaps.  

“Through this selection, the public is given a preview of contemporary sculpture showcased in a relatively small area.  The variety of practices gives them an idea of how wide the themes and methods are, as well as how varied the inspiration.  This exhibition may seem disjointed, but it really is the idea to show how different and nuanced the forms are,” says Francisco.  “We hope that more people have a greater appreciation of the art form, and the creativity of our Filipino sculptors.”

 “Nuances of Form” is presented by Galerie Stephanie.
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