September 25, 2017, 1:23 am
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Bathroom luxury with Grohe and Inax

THE bathroom can be considered as the most intimate section in any room. This is especially true in hotels. The best hotels make careful consideration in their bathrooms to be able to give guests a luxurious treatment.

In Okada Manila, guests are in for a treat as the hotel has installed Grohe and Inax products in their bathrooms in order to ensure comfort and luxury.

Many of the Grohe luxury bathroom fittings and fixtures that abound, Okada Manila chose GrohGrohtherm Thermostatic Mixer for its distinguished guests. This Thermostatic mixer allows users to adjust the temperature of the shower to their desired level in a fraction of the time of conventional dual-line shower regulator. 

This is thanks to Grohe’sTurbostat technology, which the company claims, could react to changes in water pressure in 0.3 seconds. By compensating precisely for fluctuations in temperature and pressure results in a consistent and comfortable shower throughout.

Burns are also a thing of the past with the Grohtherm Thermostatic Mixer thanks to its built-in thermal safety feature. The thermostat limits water temperature to 38 degrees Celsius unless the user voluntarily disengages the thermal limiter.

And while daily use of the shower usually leaves the once-glistening metal into a dull apparatus, Grohe claimed that the finish of its products will last years thanks to its StarLight technology. Here, the physical vapour deposition (PVD) process ensures that the surface composition is three-times harder compared to chrome, delivering glistening gold or sophisticated stainless-steel finishes. As well as being harder, the surface is also ten times more scratch resistant, so it can be cherished for a lifetime.

Pairing the Grohe shower experience is an InaxSatis toilet. This is a state-of-the-art fully-automated tank- less toilet system and the world’s most compact. Inax gave Japan its first bidet toilets, from its inception in Japan and in all of its 50 years of leadership in shower toilet technology, Inax continues to invent and reinvent smart toilet systems for the world, creating new generations of technologically-advanced sanitary products that shape the market  and enhance living spaces

As one of Lixil’s frontrunners, InaxSatis provides Okada Manila’s guests with a host of techy creature comforts:  from its Plasmacluster Technology that cleans even the air after every use, to its hands-free convenience with its fully automated system and its automatic seat and cover with a built-in sensor to open and close its lid whenever it detects the presence of a user.  

Guests will delight in its deodorizer that kicks into action instantly. Another hands-free feature of InaxSatis is competently demonstrated in its fully automatic flushing action: flushing occurs as soon as the user steps away from the toilet.
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