June 19, 2018, 11:34 pm
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Bear Brand donates chairs to public schools thru ‘Laki sa Tibay’ campaign

NESTLE Philippines Inc.’s Bear Brand powdered milk drink brand has launched “Laki sa Tibay” campaign and raffle promo that will benefit the environment and public schools nationwide.

“This is part of Bear Brand’s ‘Laki sa Tibay, Laki sa Gatas’ program, a nutrition education program that aims to promote proper nutrition diet for the moms and the children,” said Willy De Ocampo, Nestle Philippines category marketing manager for Dairy Health and Nutrition Solutions.

The campaign includes Bear Brand “Milyon Milyon sa Ambisyon” raffle promo wherein “TIBAY” chairs will be donated to selected public schools in the country.

The TIBAY chairs are made from the product’s empty foil packs that have been used, collected, shredded and mixed with raw materials to form polymers to be used to create chairs that are typhoon-certified by the Department of Science and Technology.

De Ocampo said the raffle promo is like no other because the winners will get education fund and cash prizes to support their schooling. He said through the campaign, “we want to make a difference to children’s lives as well as to our country.”

“The future of the Filipino children is essential and will be helpful for the future of this country – Philippines. This is our advocacy and our first step. We can make this happen and we believe we can make it even better with their help,” De Ocampo said, adding “let us strengthen the wellbeing of these children to achieve what they want in life.”

Millions of TIBAY chairs have been spread throughout the country, benefiting 4,064,441 Filipino public school children, 2,762,978 parents and 170,568 teachers.

Bear Brand powdered milk drink has calcium that aids in maintaining bone and dental health as well as in preventing colon cancer, reducing obesity and supporting growth. It also contains iron that is an essential protein component for metabolism and which the body needs to produce red blood cells.

It also has zinc that plays a vital role in protein synthesis and helps regulate the cell production in the immune system of the human body; and vitamin C that serves as a powerful antioxidant for the synthesis of collagen and prevents and treats scurvy.

The company said the value of proper nutrition and everyday milk drinking help children continue to dream, aspire and work towards achieving their ambitions.

 “We want to instill the importance of having ‘Tibay ng Loob.’ When they carry that strength of character as they grow old they will be able to provide better lives to their families and contribute effectively to the community as well,” said Alfredo Dela Cruz, business executive manager for Dairy, Health and Nutrition Solutions of Nestle Philippines.

“One of the biggest challenges that we have with the ever growing population is waste. A company like Nestle Philippines likes people to consume because the more they sell the more they get profits,” said Crispian Lao, industry representative for the Recycling Industry and vice chair of the National Solid Waste Management Commission.

Lao cited the company’s environmental efforts saying it has “the corporate social responsibility to address one of the important issues that we have when we do consume.”

“We have to be responsible and that responsibility is not only with government. It also needs the participation of the companies which produce products and more importantly, it is the people who generate waste… not a single entity can do it alone,” he said.

Lao urged people to educate and teach children to be more responsible in what they do especially in the waste they generate. “Converting waste into a very important product like school chairs will benefit our public school system,” he said.

“We have people who believe in inclusive growth and I think beyond this beautiful object – school bench – could be a symbol of inclusive growth and inclusive business model,” said Jacques Reber, Nestle Philippines chairman and chief executive officer, adding “we would also like to protect our environment so everyone would live in peace.”

Reber said the school bench supports education which is significant to the Philippines and its economy, and in unlocking a person’s potential.

“Our Bear Brand products give real value of nutrition which is important for the future of Filipino children,” he noted.
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