June 19, 2018, 11:32 pm
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A display of innovative home and living solutions

SIAM CEMENT GROUP (SCG) featured its innovative building material products and home and living technology at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ largest building technology exposition, the architect ’18. 

SCG showcased its design trends and home décor ideas as well as its customer-centric solutions such as Home Buddy Application, Cool Home Innovation, SCG Roof, SCG Eldercare Solution and COTTO, which cater to the different generations of homeowners – the tech savvy, baby boomers and smart savers.

Anuvat Charlemchai, Brand Management and Communication director for SCG Cement-Building Materials, said70 percent of the guests at the exhibition held at the Challenger Hall, Impact, Muangtong Thani in Bangkok, Thailand are homeowners, a very important market for the group. 

 “They visit our booth to see SCG’s latest innovation or any even better solutions that answer the need for their house building, renovation and repair projects,” Charlemchai said.

SCG’s Home Buddy Application serves as the ‘thinking partner’ for homeowners as they build a new home or renovate an existing home, ensuring peace of mind, convenience and ease of use. The app covers end-to-end processes from providing consultation, finding a contractor and project management.

The app provides a seamless experience and facilitates a customer’s journey in searching, selecting, considering and purchasing building materials. “If you want to search for home plan ideas, you go into this app,” Charlemchai said.

Supplementing materials with high energy efficiency labels, SCG’s AIRflow and Well AIR systems facilitate air ventilation and improve air quality.

 “With the humid climate in Southeast Asia, most Asians feel uncomfortable that they still feel sticky even with the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius,” Charlemchai said. The trick is how to make the air circulate in the house and let the cool air push the hot air away from the ceiling – which is what the Active AIRflow does.

SCG Roof makes the house more comfortable and safer with a variety of innovations and systems such as SCG’s Heat Protection System, Leakage Protection System, Fixing Solution System and Ventilation System.

SCG and a robot manufacturer have collaborated to efficiently help families in taking care of the elderly with specific medical conditions through Dinsow mini, the elderly companion robot. 

A Thai word for pencil, Dinsow is “a companion robot that can be a friend of your parents that stay home with them alone, and you go out working if you can’t spend time with your parents during the day,” Charlemchai said.

The robot helps seniors talk to family members, play music and entertainment shows, and display family pictures. It can contact others on their mobile devices when help is needed, monitor when elders leave the bed, answer phone calls automatically, remind them of day-to-day activities and tasks, ask them to play a brain exercise game to slow the memory loss and many more.

COTTO features a collection of tiles. It is a collaboration with Danish design studio Jacob Jensen Design. The collection – encapsulating the simplicity of Scandinavian designs – features sanitary ware, wash basins, faucets and digital shower control system. The products promise to deliver a new luxury experience under the ‘innovative human-centric’ concept.

Charlemchai said SCG provides solutions for homeowners to experience the quality of living. “It is the passion of our people as well as commitment, and we intend to challenge ourselves every day in order to innovate; thus, deliver the best products, services and solutions for our stakeholders, particularly the customers,” he said.

SCG also featured several other product and service innovations: roof tiles and systems, ceramic tiles and sanitary products, premium ceramic tiles, door and window systems, and transparent acrylic roofs. 

SCG likewise understands the needs of digital-era customers who want convenience and function. Several innovative systems to create value for customers include Lightweight Concrete Wall, Decorative Cement System, SCG Building Tech and SCG Heim, among others.

 “In the Philippines, we use the Mariwasa as a platform to introduce our products,” Charlemchai said. “The Philippines, a very high growth country, is more like a trading platform for us.”
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