July 19, 2018, 6:06 am
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Enjoy Lenten light and tasty good food

THE Holy Week is just around the corner and while most Filipinos will be taking the time to enjoy the long weekend with their loved ones, this does not mean that diners should break their self-imposed fasting. Max’s Group has highlighted several offerings in their restaurant menus that people can still enjoy despite observing Lent.

Pancake House has been known for their fluffy pancakes as well as their flavorful fried chicken. But for this Lenten season, diners can instead enjoy the restaurant’s newest offering, the Pan Seared Fish Fillet which is served with a tangy tomato salsa, brown pilaf rice, and a tasty side salad.

Max’s Restaurant takes pride in their fried chicken, whose perennial popularity has allowed the company to put up branches internationally. And while the Lenten fast does not allow the consumption of meat, diners can still enjoy a savory dish such as the Spicy Ginataang Kangkong. Here, fresh kangkong stalks are cooked in a rich coconut cream while tinapa flakes add smokiness and amps up the savory flavor. The addition of chilies adds a spicy kick.

For something healthier, diners can also try the Pinoy Ensalada. The new vegetable dish puts the spotlight on steamed vegetables and served along with Max’s own shrimp paste and tomato salsa.

Dencio’s is known for its Crispy Pata but for Lenten Season, diners can opt for the fish version, the Krispy Tilapia. Here, boneless Tilapia chunks are deep fried to golden perfection and served with Dencio’s special dip and toyomansi. For those looking for something grilled, try the Dencio’s Pinaputok na Tilapia – fresh Tilapia is stuffed and grilled to perfection before being wrapped in a banana leaf and topped with a coco-tomato onion mix as a relish.

Sizzling Steak also offers several appetizers that warm up one’s appetite such as the Shrimp Cocktail or the Ceasar Salad.
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