July 19, 2018, 5:42 am
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FCCP newly elected officers

CONGRATULATIONS to the newly elected Friends for Cultural Concerns of the Philippines (FCCP) president, Tessie Rodrigo, and vice-president, Dr. Raul Sunico. With the 2018-2019 FCCP board, we expect more fund raising and cultural activities for FCCP.

As of this writing, the different committee heads and members will still have to be assigned but on its ruby year of existence, the organization which has grown bigger membership and activities will certainly perform at its best.

For the moment, the FCCP has granted scholarships nationwide; conducted several cultural outreach programs; donated to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the National Museum, and other organizations; and has supported and “produced” a big number of now practicing artists in the different forms of Art.

Newly elected board members to the FCCP include Ning Ning de Ocampo, Leticia Dungo-Hahn, Gay Jamias and Mimi Valerio… Congratulations!!!


 “Lagda” (ENG: Signature), is an exhibit by 4th year undergraduate students from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. The exhibit serves as a showcase of the artistic talents and creative capacities of 26 young up-and-coming artists. Under the tutelage and curatorship of internationally renowned Filipino artist, UP faculty member and former Dean Nestor O. Vinluan, the exhibit is an exploration of both the visual and the conceptual, and discusses what constitutes an artist’s true individual “lagda.”

As students from the UP College of Fine Arts, these artists have been taught both to stretch the limits of their imaginations and innovate on artistic traditions. From paintings, to sculptures, to mixed-media pieces, “Lagda” features a wide variety of works employing a myriad of materials and techniques, some of which might include ceramics, box art assemblage, glass, wood, and frottage. Each of the works serves as an expression by every young artist’s desire to speak and be heard through his/her art. 

A work may be trying to convey the essence of home and family in sculptural form, or dealing with the physiological effects of coming of age in young women. Other works explore self-portraiture, both as a way to look outward at the much bigger context of life and as a manifestation of internal conflict or joy. Several other works deal with more external themes, like the history of metal in ancient civilizations and the drabness of our mundane lives when faced with alternatives that are more colorful.

“Lagda” opens on 12 March 2018 at Sining Kamalig art gallery in Ali Mall, UGF, Araneta Center, Quezon City. Opening reception is on 17 March at 5 p.m. The exhibit will run for three weeks and may be viewed during regular mall hours. For more information, please contact : art@worldexperience.ph
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