January 20, 2018, 6:48 pm
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Gwen Pang pearly whites pride

By Robbie Pangilinan

BESIDES her unblemished track record in volunteerism and humanitarian service, Philippine Red Cross Secretary General Gwen Pang also takes pride in her pearly whites that give her confidence and a smile that’s warm and accommodating.

“I always smile at people, whether I know them or not. A smile says a lot of things about a person. And I take time and effort to maintain my teeth healthy and white,” says Pang.

“Your smile is the way you greet the world. And while you have many options for whitening your teeth, your dentist is your best resources for whitening treatments. Only dental professionals have access to the
most powerful, professional-strength whitening and can ensure your treatment is safe and your results are outstanding,” says Filipino-Persian dentist Dr. Farzaneh Jimenez Shamsi, co-founder and co-owner of Fashion Smile, the first dental-spa in the Philippines.

Teeth become discolored because of the consumption of highly colored food and drinks like berries, coffee, tea, and red wine. Some medications, aging, smoking and trauma can also cause teeth discoloration. Clinical studies have shown that whitening teeth with carbamide or hydrogen peroxide under the supervision of a dental professional is safe for teeth and gums.

Teeth whitening may not be for everyone, and only one’s dentist can say if one is a good candidate for whitening and to ensure that the right concentration of whitening formula is used. Fashion Smile offers
Philip Zoom Whitening, a process tailored to every client’s needs by a dentist, with custom-fitted trays for at-home treatments or just the right light intensity and duration in the dentist’s office.

“Your dental professional will know all about the health history of your teeth. So you’ll get a treatment recommendation that accounts for any unique needs you may have, including sensitivity fissures or previous dental work such as veneers, filling or caps. Your dentist will know about expectations for a healthy, white smile and recommend the necessary steps to achieve and maintain it,” explains Dr.
Shahideh L. Nikbin, the other founder of Fashion Smile, anOrthodontics & TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Specialist.

Philip Zoom makes teeth visibly whiter in one day. With Zoom in Office, eight shades whiter can be achieved in just 45 minutes. Zoom At Home, when used as instructed, the same great results are achieved in one to two weeks depending on concentration of formula and wear time.

Zoom Day White and Nite utilize high potency gels with custom-molded trays that offer full coverage of your teeth for superior whitening results.

Talk with your dentist about professional-strength whitening products customized to your individual needs and lifestyle that allows you to whiten teeth your way. Fashion Smile is located at 6F Heart Tower,
Valero street. Salcedo Village Makati city, and is open every 1PM-7PM. 
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