April 26, 2018, 7:41 pm
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THROUGH continuous research on design and production, MUJI reconstructs everyday wardrobe classics with the mission to provide quality products that are good for both producers and consumers. MUJI introduces its Spring-Summer collection with double and denim as its core fabrics.

 Double Gauze Series

For MUJI, double gauze stands as an essential fabric for spring and summer because of its many functions. Its two-ply feature enables you to keep warm as it retains the right amount of heat by trapping air between its layers. As for warm sunny days of summer, double gauze keeps you cool and comfortable because of its breathable and quick-dry feature. Its double layers also come in different colors and patterns which you can show by simply rolling up the sleeves for style variation.
 Denim Series

This season, MUJI elevates a classic wardrobe staple through the reinvention of denim. To start, MUJI denim is made from organic cotton that has been free from agrichemicals and chemical fertilizers for more than 3 years. Through Japanese technology, MUJI was able to achieve a natural fade of clear indigo blue. This is to eliminate the use of sulfide and bottoming dye which are highly polluting to the environment. For all day comfort, MUJI has made three changes in its denim. First, both style and wash care labels are printed on the fabric to reduce resource and itchiness caused by tags. Second, by changing the fabric direction of the belt part, MUJI is able to take advantage of the fabric’s elasticity resulting to improved comfort and easy movement. And lastly, MUJI added a 6th pocket to its denim specifically designed to store your mobile phone. This gives you the convenience of having your phone in your pocket without sacrificing comfort when walking and sitting.  

Joining the double gauze and denim series are fresh displays of organic cotton shirts and modal silk stoles in vibrant colors of spring and summer. Customers may now enjoy MUJI’s Spring-Summer Collection with select pieces at reduced prices.

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