January 20, 2018, 6:48 pm
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Not your usual dentist

FASHION Smile is not your usual dental clinic. And its resident dentist, co-founder and co-owner Dr. Shahideh L. Nikbin, is not your usual dental practitioner either.
Dr. Nikbin completed her undergraduate studies at Centro Escolar University with a degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine and earned her second dental license in Iran from the Shahid Beheshti University. She also holds a postgraduate degree on Orthodontics from the University of the Philippines. She is an Orthodontics & TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Specialist.
The 31-year old Filipino-Persian orthodontist has the mission of bringing happiness and confidence to her patients.
“Dentistry became my passion after seeing the happiness in every patient; how much a laughter and smile without covering their mouth can boost someone’s confidence and lives. That was the moment I knew I wanted to be an orthodontist and a dentist,” shares Dr. Nikbin, whose mother, Dr. Wilma Lagpacan, is a Filipina OB/Gyn doctor.
Dr. Nikbin, a member of the Philippine Dental Association and the Medical Council of Iran, chose orthodontics because her patients are mostly teenagers and young adults and she saw this as an opportunity to not just put a great smile on their faces but also educate them on health, life, and happiness.
“Since I’m an orthodontist and the treatment of my patients take a year or two and mostly are teenagers and young adults, I feel connected to them even more, sometimes they talk about their new job, love life or school stuff and I am more than happy to share my experience and guide them and care for them,” says Dr. Nikbin.
Fashion Smile has services that are offered in the Philippines by only a few dentists such as Invisalign and Radiance Sapphire Braces.
“The Invisalign treatment process involves taking a mold of the patient’s teeth that is scanned in order to create a computerized model. Using the orthodontist’s treatment plan, the computer model creates stages between the current and desired teeth positions that are used to create molds for individual aligners, so it is an alternative to wire braces,” explains Dr. Nikbin.
Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of aligners uniquely created for each patient. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that patients wear over their teeth.
“Wearing the aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements your orthodontist plans out for you. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten,” adds Dr. Nikbin, who also says that Invisalign is usually availed of by celebrities, models, and those who are into sports.
Radiance Sapphire Braces, on the other hand, are specially cut from a single crystal of pure sapphire, a material second to diamonds for hardness, clarity, and brilliance. Once the cutting is complete, the brackets are heat polished until they are smooth, clear, and ready to wear. Radiance brackets are invisible, comfortable, stain-free, strong and effective.
“Patients who avail radiance braces are those who want to have a confident smile while having their teeth aligned, because these braces are crystal clear and hard to notice. This is especially useful if you are at work and have an interview or meeting up with new people. You can show off your smile in picture takings and selfies,” says Dr. Nikbin.
Dr. Nikbin pointed out that Radiance Braces and Invisalign are quite expensive but the cost is worth it.
“Imagine you’re supposed to wear braces for an average of two years. Why not wear it in the most comfortable, elegant, unnoticeable, and fashionable way? And of course, the end result is beautiful aligned teeth, which gives you not only more confidence to smile, but also healthy teeth,” she said.
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