September 25, 2017, 1:32 am
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Reshaping future: The Future Park opens an interactive digital park


THE Future Park, the curator of interactive play exhibits in the country, is giving an opportunity for both parents and their kids to see a glimpse of the future after its launching of Future City: An Interactive Digital Park.

 “Future City uses technologies from all over the globe. The park contains six unique and engaging stations that will give guests the chance to participate in unique experiences that will surely nurture the minds of the kids and the kids at heart,” said Varick Ong, founder of The Future Park.

The pop-up interactive digital park features a total of six stations where parents, with their future-curious kids, will experience an enjoyable yet immersive stop that will help them figure out what they are to see in the future. 

The journey exploration starts from stopping by at Future Dome where they will be shown the technological advancement that will soon define future cities. Next is the Sketch Village where the pattern you color comes to life. Then here comes the

Checkpoint where guests will be asked to join four digital activities that will help them choose what to eat and what is not; assess their future health; and finally learn about the breakthrough of science through Nankid’s digital touch-up wall.

“We are proud of our 150 years of heritage and also being in the forefront of science and technology. So you can be assured that everytime you give Nankid to your two or three year olds and above, you really bring the best drink-up milk to your kids,” said Ms. Jin Espino, Nankid’s Vice President for Marketing Premium Milk.

Future City will be open to public from 10AM to 10PM, at the SMX Convention, SM Aura, Taguig City.
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