January 20, 2018, 6:55 pm
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Satiating king crab cravings at Kitsho

THE perfection of Japanese cuisine is celebrated not only by bountiful harvest on land but also of abundant catch on its surrounding bodies of water.

While the fertile pastures bring in varied abundance throughout its many seasons, the seawaters around Hokkaido Island, especially those near the Russian border, brings in a profusion of king crab, or horse shoe crab, during the cold months of the year. 

Executive chef Mizumoto “Hiro” Masahiro has prepared a delectable set menu for king crab lovers, expertly prepared within the realm of Kitsho’s kitchen. The deftness of preparing fresh sushi, coupled with the mastery of teppan and the right temperature in cooking yakimono dishes - for aficionados to enjoy grilled perfection - is just one of the many aspects in enjoying the king crab at Kitsho. And with the chill still hanging in the air, a hot pot option is certainly your best choice.

Aside from the king crab hot pot, diners may also go for Yose Nabe with its assortment of seafood and vegetables, or Mizutaki, with the mixture of chicken and veggies.

Meat lovers may opt for Wagyu or US Beef shabu-shabu, with thin-sliced beef meat; or even pork meat, if such is your preference. Maybe, instead of shabu-shabu, you may want to go for sukiyaki instead.

And then there’s the Curry Nabe options of seafood, beef, chicken, or pork. And for those who want some sizzle on their soup bowls, they may opt for either the chicken or pork kimchi nabe or the deliciously hot Kaisen Kimchi Nabe.

And speaking of hot pot, diners who would be enjoying any of Kitsho’s hot pot dishes will enjoy a 15% discount when they can tell the dining staff where they read about this exclusive promo. So, simply take a photo (or screenshot/download) of the newspaper article, magazine feature, or online post where you saw/read this published markdown.

Food establishments who want to expand their food selection with Japanese dishes could get in touch with Chef Hiro, who would gladly help them plan out this concern. His email address is Mizumoto Masahiro <masahiro1964mizumoto@live.jp>; or call  (02) 994-36-23 

Kitsho  is managed and operated by MCK Millennium Food, Inc. and is conveniently located at the ground level of Hotel Jen Manila, right across the CCP Complex, along Roxas Boulevard’s sunset strip in historic Manila Bay.
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