July 19, 2018, 6:06 am
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Variety of flavors to keep your tuna dishes interesting and nutritious

CANNED tuna is now one of the most popular food items in the country as more Filipinos juggle a fast-paced lifestyle and eating as healthy as possible. More diners are looking to make easy to prepare dishes that they can do in advance or whip up in minutes.

Because of this, more and more people are learning of the importance of choosing better ingredients, items that are not only convenient, but are healthier in the long run.

Substitutions for convenience help ease the transition from relying on takeout to cooking at home. For example, frozen vegetables are a better option than canned vegetables when one can’t get fresh greens.

Canned tuna, on the other hand, is much easier to get than fresh tuna for the man who is always on the go, and it keeps for much longer. Kept as a pantry staple, it provides an excellent go-to protein that is leaner and healthier than red meat. 

Tuna is a great lean meat option. Each serving is packed with nutrition, including muscle-building and brain-boosting Omega-3 fatty acids; Selenium, a rare mineral that’s also a powerful antioxidant; as well as vitamin C, zinc, and manganese, all of which strengthen your immune system.

What’s more, tuna lends itself to a multitude of dishes which are a breeze to make. Even if you’ve never really cooked a full meal in your life, you can stir together tuna, some greens, and some onions and make a decent salad.

Sustainably sourced yellowfin tuna is packed into every can of Gold Seas Tuna Chunks, which come in two sizes- Solo (90g) and Sharing (185g). The former is perfect for a quick, healthy meal for one, while the latter is great for creating something tasty to share with friends and loved ones.

Gold Seas further prides itself on providing a variety of flavors to keep your tuna based dishes interesting as well as nutritious. There is Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil, Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil with Chili, Tuna Chunks in Herb and Garlic, Tuna Chunks in Lemon and Pepper, and Tuna Chunks in Mild Indian Curry. If you’re a purist or if you want to make a dish with only the pure taste of tuna, there’s also Gold Seas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks in Springwater.

Gold Seas has teamed up with Chef Rosebud Benitez to create recipes that anyone can create and enjoy, from beginners to seasoned cooks.
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