February 24, 2018, 10:30 pm
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Duterte govt’s approval rating highest in 4 decades

PUBLIC satisfaction with the Duterte administration rose to its highest at 79 percent in December 2017 – the highest satisfaction rating ever received by a president since post-Edsa People Power days.

The Dec. 8-16 Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, which involved 1,200 respondents nationwide, showed that 79 percent of Filipinos were satisfied with the Duterte administration, against 9 percent who were dissatisfied. 

The SWS-historic high “excellent” net satisfaction score of +70 obtained by Duterte is 12 points higher than the “very good” net satisfaction rating of +58 (71 percent satisfied, 13 percent dissatisfied) scored by the government in September 2017.

Duterte surpassed the former highest score of a “very good” +66 in June 2013 by his predecessor former President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

The lowest net satisfaction rating of a “bad” -45 was scored by the administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo administration in March 2010.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque welcomed the SWS results as good news, saying Malacañang is “elated” with the high marks.

“Our people recognize the efforts of the Duterte administration when they rated the present government very good in fighting terrorism, helping the poor and maintenance of public works correlation to providing jobs. Needless to say this excellent public confidence will continue to motivate the President and his team to continue working hard to lay down the conditions of a peaceful and prosperous nation,” Roque said.

The SWS said the highest rating of the Duterte administration was due to new “record-high” net satisfaction scores in Mindanao (+87 up from +74), Metro Manila (+71 up from +51) and Luzon (+67 up from +52), despite the unchanged net satisfaction ratings in the Visayas (+57).

The administration’s net satisfaction score also improved across socio-economic classes with the highest recorded among class “D” (+71 up from +60), followed by those from “E” (+66 from +46) and “ABC” (+62 from +60); and across genders with the higher net score recorded among the male population (+73 from +54) followed by the female group (+68 from +62).

The administration’s net satisfaction score also improved across different age groups with the highest given by those belonging to the 35 to 44 age bracket (+79 from +56), followed by the 25 to 34 age group (+72 from +68), 45 to 54 years old (+67 from +53), 55 and up age group (+66 from +54), and 18 to 24 age bracket (+64 from +61).

In terms of educational level, the Duterte administration got its highest marks from the college graduates (+74 from +60), followed by those who reached the elementary level (+71 from +47), the high school graduates or those with vocational education (+70 from +64), and the elementary graduates (+68 from +53).

The SWS results also showed the Duterte administration scoring “very good” on five out of 18 subjects of public concern, “good” on 11 subjects, and “moderate” on two subjects.

The Duterte government got its highest scores on: fighting terrorism (+67 up from +47); helping the poor (+66 down from +67); building and maintenance of public works like roads and bridges (+59); foreign relations (+55 up from +40); and providing jobs (unchanged at +50).

It got “good” net scores on: reconciling with Muslim rebels (+48 up from +38); telling the truth to the people (+47); defending the country’s territorial rights (+46 down from +52); protecting human rights (+45 down from +46); reconciling with communist rebels (+43 up from +35); fighting crimes (+43 up from +30); eradicating graft and corruption (+42 up from +35); ensuring an efficient public transportation system (+42); ensuring that no family will ever be hungry (+33 up from +29); solving the problem of extra judicial killings or EJK (+30 up from +22); and ensuring that oil companies do not take advantage of oil prices (+30).

The administration got “moderate” net satisfaction ratings on fighting inflation (+24 up from +21), and resolving the traffic problem (+23 up from +22).

Political analyst Ramon Casiple said the latest survey showed Duterte’s popularity had not diminished, despite drawing international criticism for his bloody war on drugs and human rights record.

“It is related to his actions, because he implemented what he promised, starting with his anti-drugs campaign, and then the Build, Build, Build infrastructure projects, anti-corruption efforts, and now the charter change to shift to federalism,” he said. – With Reuters
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