January 20, 2018, 6:46 pm
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Palace assures teachers their pay will be increased

MALACAÑANG yesterday said it may take some time but President Duterte is committed to raise the salaries of public school teachers during his term in office.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque noted raising teachers’ salaries is one of the promises made by Duterte during campaign period for the presidential election in May 2016. “He does not go back on his promises. He will increase the salary of teachers by as much as we can,” Roque said.

He reiterated the President on Monday directed the budget department and other concerned agencies to look for ways on how to raise teachers’ salaries amid preparations for the executive department’s filing of a second package of tax reform measures as well as the recent approval of the doubling of the base pay of soldiers, policemen, and other uniformed personnel.

Roque said it took some time before Duterte’s promise to double the pay of uniformed personnel was realized but he kept his promise, and he will also keep his promise to the tutors.

“It will take some time but it will happen during his administration,” he said.

Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno on Wednesday said doubling the salaries of some 600,000 public school teachers is not a priority now of the administration. He also said government will need about half a trillion pesos to fund the salary hike.

He said what is provided under the current budget is a 15-16 percent hike in salaries of school teachers under the 2015 salary standardization law which started implementation in 2016. The fourth and last tranche of the increase will be given in 2019.
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