October 23, 2017, 3:48 pm
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Rody tells comm group: Don’t be arrogant

PRESIDENT Duterte yesterday told the members of his communications team to avoid   arrogance and exaggerations while explaining the governance programs of his administration.

However, he said the media should also uphold the truth, and avoid lies and sensationalism in their reports.

The President, during the re-launching of the newly furbished press briefing room in Malacañan Palace, acknowledged the importance of the media as he stressed the “need to foster a more vibrant relationship between the government and the press.”

Duterte, who had criticized and even cursed some members of media, recognized the role of the media especially in effectively communicating to the public the policies and governance programs of the administration.

He cited as examples the reforms under the proposed shift to a federal form of government and the benefits that the country gains from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).

Duterte said the new improved Palace press briefing room “represents this administration’s firm desire to reach out and effectively communicate with our people.”

The President directed those who form part of the government’s communications office, to remain committed to upholding the truth at all times.

“Never exaggerate, never misinterpret and never agitate as you communicate our platform of governance. In other words, do not be arrogant. In the same vein, I call on our friends from the media to also remain committed to the truth at all times. Never, never lie because we are not up to it anyway.  Never confuse your search for answers with the need to engage the public through sensationalized news and overpublicized political propaganda,” he added.

Dutete said personally, he has a lot of things he just wants to blurt out, but he knows there are some things that are best kept at the moment to protect the interest of the public.

He said the truth about some issues would eventually come out at the appropriate time.

The newly refurbished 40-seater press briefing room is located at the New Executive Building, which also houses the Presidential Communications Operations Office, the Office of the Presidential Spokesman, and the Office of the Chief Legal Counsel, among others.

It now boasts of a “sleek and posh multi-purpose” look and includes four wide screen, high-definition television monitors that can be used for presentations during briefings; floor-mounted pipe tunnel air-condition sets, about 30 LED (light-emitting diode) pin lights and four LED studio lights were also installed, and a standard stage or podium that could be removed when needed.

Instead of the physical seal of Malacañang that had been mounted on the wall, a 65-inch monitor is being used to display the logo, along with the themes of the press briefings.

New retractable curtains have also been put up to provide different themes for different activities: dark blue for the press briefings of Secretary Andanar, brown for Mindanao Hour and the regular briefing with Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella, and light blue for Freedom of Information (FOI)-related conference.

There are also IBM office-type tables, equipped with sockets, where one can plug   devices. A dedicated Wi-Fi internet connection is also made available for the press briefing only. 
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