September 25, 2017, 1:27 am
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Tug-of-war looms on body that bore 30 stab wounds

THE PNP yesterday said it will send back to Gapan City, Nueva Ecija the body of a boy initially believed to be that of Reynaldo de Guzman, the 14-year-old boy who went missing with slain teenager Carl Angelo Arnaiz last August 18.

PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos said the body, which is currently in a wake in Cainta, Rizal, needs to be returned where it was found. The body, which bore 30 stab wounds, was found last September 5 floating in a creek in Gapan City.

But the parents of “Kulot,” the boy’s nickname, said they will not allow the PNP to take the body to Gapan and said they will bury him today, indicating a tug-of-war for the body may arise.

“Anak ko ‘yan, ako nagpalaki diyan kaya kilala ko ‘yan (He’s my son; I raised him so I know it’s him),” said Eduardo Gabriel, the boy’s father.

Public Attorney’s Office chief Persida Rueda-Acosta also weighed in, lambasting the PNP for claiming the body is not “Kulot.”

“Ang mga magulang hindi nagdududa (The parents have no doubt it’s him),” Acosta said.

The PNP on Monday said the DNA of the body did not match the DNA of either Gabriel or Lina de Guzman, the mother of “Kulot,” who went to Gapan last September 6 and claimed the dead boy as their son through markings on his body, including a wart on his knee and an incision mark below the ear.

While the PNP was focused on establishing the real identity of the body, left unanswered was the question of who stabbed the boy 30 times.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II also weighed in, saying he would order the National Bureau of Investigation to conduct its own DNA test on the body.

“Since it’s not their offspring, number one, ibabalik natin ‘yung bangkay doon sa huling pinagkunan at tuloy ang pag-iimbestiga. Sino ang bangkay na ito, bakit ito pinatay (We will bring it back to where the body was found and the investigation will continue. Whose body is this, and why was he killed),” Carlos said.

Carlos said the Gapan City Police Station will coordinate with Gabriel and Lina de Guzman so the body could be brought back to Gapan. 

Asked how the police intend to bring the body back to Gapan City, Supt. Peter Madria, the city police chief, declined to comment.

Carlos also said that “Kulot’s” brother had also expressed doubts on the identity of the body because it was not circumcised.

“What is glaring now is the inputs given by the brothers which is, they found the cadaver to be uncircumcised when they know pretty well that Kulot is circumcised. So isa iyan, tingnan din nila ‘yan at the end of the day,” Carlos said.

Acosta said it was unfair for the PNP to claim the body was not De Guzman, since the parents identified the teen. She added she was puzzled why the PNP performed a DNA test when the parents did not ask for one. 

“Ilegal nga po ang pagkuha nila ng DNA. Walang consent ng PAO,” Acosta said.

“Ngayon lang din ako nakakita ng DNA na instant. Wala pang isang linggo may resulta na,” she added, noting the result of the DNA test came back in just four days.

Aguirre said he was also surprised by the PNP findings considering that De Guzman’s parents identified the body as that of their missing son. He also said the body was not in an advanced state of decomposition when it was found, meaning his parents can still identify him clearly.

“Nagtataka ka rin, talaga namang dapat makilala ng magulang, since lumaki sa’yo nang labing-apat na taon, tapos di mo makilala? At saka di naman masyadong bloated at decomposed ‘yung bangkay so talagang kailangan ng further examination,” Aguirre said. – With Ashzel Hachero
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