July 23, 2018, 2:00 am
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Barbaric fraternities

ON the death of Marvin Reglos, law freshman of San Beda, where are those guilty Lambda Rho Beta today? On the deaths of Nor Silongan, 16, criminology student at Notre Dame of Tacurong College, Noel Borja, Alternative Learning Systems student, Chester Paulo Abracia, sophomore marine technology student, Enverga U, Lucena, where are their killer-fratmen of Tau Gamma Phi today? 

On the death of Menardo Clamucha, second year criminology student of U.Iloilo, and Dan Robert Talibutab, St. Therese College, Iloilo, where are their killers from the frat Fraternity of Young Criminologists?

On the death of EJ Intia of U.Makati, with those Alpha Phi Omega fratmen involved, where are these masters today? 

On the death of Dennis Victorina of UP, where are the involved Sigma Rhoans today? 

On the death of Guillo Cesar Servando of St. Benilde, where are the Tau Gamma Phi fratmen involved? On the death of Marc Andre Marcos of San Beda, where are the Lex Leonum fratmen involved today? 

On the death of John Daniel Samparanda, Lyceum Cavite, where are those Tau Gamma Phi fratmasters today? 

On the death of Elvin Sinaluan, 21, where are those Scout Royal Brotherhood killers today?

On the death of Karl Anthony Gaudicos, 18, engineering student, Holy Cross Davao College, where are the Tau Gamma Phi and Tau Gamma Sigma masters today? 

On the death of Cris Anthony Mendez, UP student dead during a mauling, where Sigma Rhoans deny knowledge of the mauling? 

On the death of Jan Angelo Dollete of Capiz, where are his Alpha Phi Omega killers today? 

On the death of Clark Anson Silverio, UP mechanical engineering student, where today are his Tau Gamma Phi masters? 

On the death of Marlon Villanueva, AgEcon of UPLB, a conspiracy to keep secret the name of a brutal frat? 

On the death of Mark Welson Chua, UST killed by fellow students for whistle-blowing on corruption or victim of hazing, whose conspiracy to murk the case?

On the death of Rafael Root Albano III, medical student FEU, Laguna in a conspiracy, where are the involved Sigma Mu frat members today? 

On the death of Fernando Balidoy, 18, in a hazing; where are those upperclassmen of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy today? On Monico de Guzman, Edward Domingo, Ace Bernabe Ekid, PMA plebes, where are their mistahs today who allowed these plebes to be maltreated inhumanely to destruction? On the death of Emerson Berry Jr, Casanayan HS, where are those of the Beta Sigma Rho who killed him in Capiz? 

On the death of John Mark Dugan, 19, marine cadet, where today are his masters who killed him during hazing? 

It was most common, from the 1960s to the 80s, for brutish fratmen to barge into a classroom, or wait at a school corridor in between classes to lure their prey. And during serious frat wars, never mind if a wayward bullet hit a bystander, or their skirmish knocked down a faculty member, as happened to me on the UPLB footpath, or the ensuing chase to kill injured many other bystanders.

San Beda law student Marc Andrei Marcos, 21: The Lex Leonum Fraternitas hazing was conducted all day Sunday by masters and members. Marcos, subjected to this hazing, was taken then left alone at a hospital emergency without vital signs; zero heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory, with several cardiac arrests caused by mauling. Marcos died the next day. 

Police filed murder charges against 37 people. Judge Perla C. Faller of Cavite Regional Trial Court Branch 90 ordered the arrest of 10: Jenno Antonio Villanueva, Glenn Meduen, Emmanuel Jefferson Santiago, Richard Rosales, Mohamad Fyzee Alim, Chino Daniel Amante, Julius Alcancia, Edrich Gomez, Dester Circa, Gian Angelo Veluz—all members of Lex Leonum Fraternitas; plus Veluz’ parents, Angelito Veluz and Violeta Veluz who owned the farm in Dasmarinas City where the hazing took place. A year later, Judge Faller: “The Court hold that there exists no probable cause for the issuance of warrants of arrest of all the accused…. Dismissed for lack of corroborative evidence. No one was to blame for the death of Marc Andrei Marcos….” For this misjudgment, Judge Faller was dismissed, sacked by the Supreme Court. 

Supreme Court justices condemn fraternity violence. Justice Marvic Leonen: “The culture of impunity must stop. There is no space in this society for hooliganism disguised as fraternity rumbles. The perpetrator must stand and suffer the legal consequences of their actions. They must do so for there is an individual now lies dead, robbed of his dreams and the dreams of his family. Excruciating grief for them will never be enough. Fraternity rumbles are an anathema, an immature and useless expenditure of testosterone. It fosters a culture that retards manhood. It is devoid of ‘giting at dangal’ (valor and honor), words in the UP Anthem. This kind of shameful violence must stop.”

The next freshman to die from maltreatment and brutality of fraternity masters may be your son or grandson. Or some young man you know who does not deserve to be beaten to death by imaginary brothers. Warn your young boys early and seriously.


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