July 23, 2018, 2:01 am
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Barbaric fraternities (2)

THE dean of the UST Faculty Law, Lino Divina, promptly suspended all the officers and members of the Aegis Juris from attending UST classes; banned them from entering the UST campus. 

Many others and I believe that was a mistake! Divina should not have done that.

Lino Divina and the UST rector should have instantly called for an emergency meeting with the entire Aegis Juris. Meeting’s agenda: To device a scheme to free the Dean, the UST, the Aegis Juris members and officers of taking any responsibility for Atio’s death. At this meeting, Divina can tell the Aegis Juris that they should all lie, deceive, cheat; not to admit to any guilt, to free themselves from responsibility for Atio’s death. During that meeting, they all will agree with the scheme of course--that’s a great idea! With such delightful agenda, all the officers and members of the Aegis Juris, especially the guilty ones if there are any, would arrive lickity-split at this meeting at UST, ready to lie, deceive, cheat. 

Surprise! Whoever shows up ready to lie, deceive, cheat will find themselves in a room, PNP, NBI, SAP guards outside. There they will stay without food, water, light, aircon until they sing the truth... what they know to be the truth. But this didn’t happen. Lino Divina would never have thought of that. 

Therefore, the guilty are free, in hiding, unindicted all this week. Aegos Juris thinks the entire country believes that Atio was a victim of extrajudicial killing, by a police tokhang, left on a sidewalk. The anti-administration, all 12 of them, will chorus their agreement that Atio was killed during tokhang. Anything, to destroy President Duterte’s administration.

To the Duterte administration critics, any unexpected death should be blamed on President Duterte. In their politically-blinded minds, DU30 approved. These losers’ politically-poisoned feeble minds cannot imagine that riding’n’tandem criminals extrajudicially kill for many many reasons: 1) to get rid of an enemy, 2) business intrigues, 3) competitors, 4) love triangles, 5) drug connivance, 6) debtors, 7) drug addict refusing to pay, 8) jealousy, 9) one-upsmanship, 10) drunken bouts, 11) love. Hired killers, and not PNP do extrajudicial killings. Administration critics will try to blame frat hazing deaths on DU30. 

Today, as we all weep for Atio Castillo’ family. 

The guilty, with their wealthy parents, are now at different consulates, applying for visas to the U.S., or whatever country will hide them. Many Filipino criminals have flown the coop before, flown to welcoming countries. And so can these Aegis Juris members and officers. 

As I write this, I suspect they are all busy buying plane tickets, anxious to get away, before the Commission on Human Rights gets at them. The CHR surprisingly is now in hot in pursuit of this Castillo hazing case. The very first time that the CHR gave a hoot to the human rights of frat hazing victims. 

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on order of CHR boss Chito Gascon no doubt, is full speed into this UST hazing death case. CHR-National Capital Region investigator Johnny Torres went to the Manila Police District (MPD) headquarters in Ermita. His interest, Torres said, is to show that the CHR protects the rights of all. Really? Eh di Wow! Also, to get Congress to give them their budget and salaries.

I quote the Bulletin on Torres’s statement: “The concept naman of CHR is universal. We make no distinction as to who the victim is. In this current case, since it is a case of hazing, we came to investigate, contrary to the public’s notion na we only investigate violations committed by the state.” 

Torres must not know that there had been dozens of publicized frat hazing deaths and a hundred unpublicized hazing deaths. But this is the very first time ever that CHR thought to go to work on a hazing death case. If Gascon keeps this up, Congress won’t need to have Commission on Human Rights changed to Commission on Government Abuses as was being proposed last week. 

We can only thank our wonderful democractic “Check’n’Balance”--It is working. In this instance, between CHR and Congress. They each know now how to penalize, threaten, nudge, flatter each other in this system of “Check’n’Balance”. The incredible, wonderful, dependable Check’n’Balance of our democracy. Check’n’Balance humiliate them all into compromise and compliance. 

Back to the Aegis Juris--Next year or so... in time... things will be back to normal when all the Aegis Juris, escapees to foreign countries, can return to the Philippines. Just like guilty politicians. By then, all is forgotten on the case of an unsolved fraternity hazing. Soon, Aegis Juris and all the other violent fraternities are back hazing and killing again. But that will be another media headline in the future.

Except for the families and loved ones left behind by dead neophytes who are still bereaved, as the Castillo family is bereaved today.


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