July 23, 2018, 2:04 am
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Barbaric fraternities (3)

SCHOOL rectors, presidents, chancellors tolerate these frat killing-rituals. Judges, most beholden to and belonging to frats, prefer to dismiss hazing death cases. The anti-hazing law has two glaring loopholes: 1) “Requires authority/permission from school OR... from fraternity masters” (who are the instigators of the hazing.... OR? Like assigning wolves to supervise the hen house). Why not AND? 2) Hazing only outside school. So, fratmen do it in distant secluded private farms where they can kill in secret. Two hundred plus lawmakers overlooked, missed these loopholes in this anti-hazing law.

And it was most common, especially from the 1960s to the 80s, for brutish fratmen to barge into a classroom, or wait at a corridor in between classes to lure their prey, as the unfortunate Horacio “Atio” Castillo was lured to join Aegis Juris. No idea that those brods were vicious enough to kill him. If Atio had survived, he will next find himself at serious frat wars, chasing and attacking enemy frats with metal tubes and bullets. Never mind that their skirmish injure bystanders or knocked down a faculty member as happened to me on the UPLB walkpath.

Alpha Phi Omega was created in 1925, making VP Jejomar Binay probably the oldest member of this fraternity. The APO president announced: 

“Death cases due to hazing during initiation rites is not known, claiming there were no official tracking of the victims. Hazing victims and the ‘hazers’ would definitely not admit the wrongdoing which doctors may not recognize their case as hazing.... There is no difference between hazing and non-hazing practice to check the commitment and loyalty of our new members. It is not through hazing that we contemplate to the upcoming new members. They will undergo a series of programs to determine their dedication.” This is the established Mission and Vision of APO? It it is too convoluted to understand, too vague as mission and vision, and too far removed from what we see is the practice of the Alpha Phi Omega.

Remember that the body of EJ Karl Intia, 19, a UMakati student was retrieved from a ravine before being identified by his father. With bruises concentrated in the legs, he was probably dead before he was transported and dumped down that 30 meter-deep hole. Four members of the APO fraternity surrendered to the Makati Police. Fifteen people were present during the hazing rites in Barangay San Antonio in Makati.

Years back, only four out of 10 APO chapters had adopted the no-hazing policy, the rest of APO chapters totally ignore Alpha Phi Omega Mission and Vision not to kill its recruits. Where are those participants at the killing of EJ Karl Intia?

Most campus administrators of universities claim ignorance of frat pagan cult killing tradition. School rectors, presidents, chancellors continue to call these beat-to-the-death rituals “initiation.” Most judges’ loyalty is not to dead neophites but to frats. The guilty’s wealthy parents bribe and pay their way out of prosecution and notoriety. 

“Time and time again, we have pushed for the review of this anti-hazing law. To our disappointment, the Congressional leadership has failed to conduct such review.”—Kabataan Party List Representative. The Anti-Hazing law is a misnomer, since this law does not even prohibit hazing, as long as it is done outside the school premises. Consequently, such acts of violence goes on at some secluded family farm.

“Not Guilty! Case Dismissed!” Which is why of the dozens, if not hundreds of dead neophites from hazing, only one single solitary conviction by a court. The rest are cases still fermenting in courts 10 years later, or very quietly bailed or bribed closed. Only in the Philippines!

Two decades after the crime, the Supreme Court confirmed, sustained a lower court life imprisonment for attempted (?) murder on five Sigma Rhoans on the death of Dennis Victorina. Were are they now?

Two years ago, members of the Tau Gamma Phi (TGP) including one sick with stage 2 cancer—surrendered to authorities to tell what they knew about the hazing death of Guillo Cesar Servando of De la Salle’s St. Benilde. The caretaker was considered a suspect too after he was identified by the surviving neophytes as the participant who fed them chili and chocolates and made them sniff ammonia to keep them from passing out during their ordeal. Frat criminals immediately are granted visas to... where else, the USA. Were they tracked down to return? Not likely. They lived happily in the USA ever after. 


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