November 21, 2017, 4:18 pm
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1 Philippine Peso = 0.07222 UAE Dirham
1 Philippine Peso = 2.23697 Albanian Lek
1 Philippine Peso = 0.035 Neth Antilles Guilder
1 Philippine Peso = 0.34334 Argentine Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02609 Australian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.035 Aruba Florin
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03933 Barbados Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 1.63992 Bangladesh Taka
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03265 Bulgarian Lev
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00741 Bahraini Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 34.27689 Burundi Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01967 Bermuda Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02668 Brunei Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13491 Bolivian Boliviano
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06405 Brazilian Real
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01967 Bahamian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 1.28171 Bhutan Ngultrum
1 Philippine Peso = 0.20626 Botswana Pula
1 Philippine Peso = 393.707 Belarus Ruble
1 Philippine Peso = 0.03929 Belize Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0252 Canadian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01953 Swiss Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 12.51721 Chilean Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13055 Chinese Yuan
1 Philippine Peso = 59.27237 Colombian Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 11.06096 Costa Rica Colon
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1 Philippine Peso = 1.84798 Cape Verde Escudo
1 Philippine Peso = 0.42782 Czech Koruna
1 Philippine Peso = 3.47748 Djibouti Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.12472 Danish Krone
1 Philippine Peso = 0.93215 Dominican Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 2.25679 Algerian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.26216 Estonian Kroon
1 Philippine Peso = 0.34612 Egyptian Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.53196 Ethiopian Birr
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01676 Euro
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0411 Fiji Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01485 Falkland Islands Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01485 British Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 0.09043 Ghanaian Cedi
1 Philippine Peso = 0.92566 Gambian Dalasi
1 Philippine Peso = 176.89283 Guinea Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 0.14439 Guatemala Quetzal
1 Philippine Peso = 4.01731 Guyana Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.15359 Hong Kong Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.46264 Honduras Lempira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.12608 Croatian Kuna
1 Philippine Peso = 1.21691 Haiti Gourde
1 Philippine Peso = 5.23442 Hungarian Forint
1 Philippine Peso = 266.33236 Indonesian Rupiah
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06904 Israeli Shekel
1 Philippine Peso = 1.28012 Indian Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 22.94985 Iraqi Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 692.86138 Iran Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 2.03638 Iceland Krona
1 Philippine Peso = 2.46903 Jamaican Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01391 Jordanian Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 2.2151 Japanese Yen
1 Philippine Peso = 2.03441 Kenyan Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 1.37082 Kyrgyzstan Som
1 Philippine Peso = 78.99705 Cambodia Riel
1 Philippine Peso = 8.32547 Comoros Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 17.69912 North Korean Won
1 Philippine Peso = 21.59685 Korean Won
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00593 Kuwaiti Dinar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01613 Cayman Islands Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 6.50443 Kazakhstan Tenge
1 Philippine Peso = 163.16618 Lao Kip
1 Philippine Peso = 29.60669 Lebanese Pound
1 Philippine Peso = 3.02262 Sri Lanka Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 2.44897 Liberian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.2763 Lesotho Loti
1 Philippine Peso = 0.05995 Lithuanian Lita
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0122 Latvian Lat
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02689 Libyan Dinar
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1 Philippine Peso = 1.02635 Macedonian Denar
1 Philippine Peso = 26.80433 Myanmar Kyat
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1 Philippine Peso = 0.27622 Namibian Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 7.00098 Nigerian Naira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.60177 Nicaragua Cordoba
1 Philippine Peso = 0.16317 Norwegian Krone
1 Philippine Peso = 2.03638 Nepalese Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.02891 New Zealand Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.00756 Omani Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01967 Panama Balboa
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06359 Peruvian Nuevo Sol
1 Philippine Peso = 0.06374 Papua New Guinea Kina
1 Philippine Peso = 1 Philippine Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 2.06568 Pakistani Rupee
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07087 Polish Zloty
1 Philippine Peso = 110.87513 Paraguayan Guarani
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07473 Qatar Rial
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07785 Romanian New Leu
1 Philippine Peso = 1.16841 Russian Rouble
1 Philippine Peso = 16.36755 Rwanda Franc
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1 Philippine Peso = 10.99312 Somali Shilling
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1 Philippine Peso = 0.27624 Swaziland Lilageni
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1 Philippine Peso = 0.04547 Tongan paʻanga
1 Philippine Peso = 0.07723 Turkish Lira
1 Philippine Peso = 0.13037 Trinidad Tobago Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.59133 Taiwan Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 43.93314 Tanzanian Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 0.51976 Ukraine Hryvnia
1 Philippine Peso = 71.28811 Ugandan Shilling
1 Philippine Peso = 0.01967 United States Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 0.57699 Uruguayan New Peso
1 Philippine Peso = 158.89873 Uzbekistan Sum
1 Philippine Peso = 0.19617 Venezuelan Bolivar
1 Philippine Peso = 446.39136 Vietnam Dong
1 Philippine Peso = 2.10089 Vanuatu Vatu
1 Philippine Peso = 0.05108 Samoa Tala
1 Philippine Peso = 10.98368 CFA Franc (BEAC)
1 Philippine Peso = 0.0531 East Caribbean Dollar
1 Philippine Peso = 10.988 CFA Franc (BCEAO)
1 Philippine Peso = 1.98682 Pacific Franc
1 Philippine Peso = 4.91504 Yemen Riyal
1 Philippine Peso = 0.2763 South African Rand
1 Philippine Peso = 102.05507 Zambian Kwacha
1 Philippine Peso = 7.11701 Zimbabwe dollar

The cruelty of Master Initiators

AT last incomplete count, 49 young neophytes, including Atio Castillo, would still be alive today, but for frats’ pledge of silence. No hazing initiator of the U.P. Upsilon Sigma Phi had the righteousness to confess exactly what was done to Gonzalo Albert, first to die from hazing, 1954. Since then, at least 49 more scholars were killed in hazings for the frat brods code of silence which kept the guilty from life in prison. 

Until today’s courageous, remorseful Mark Ventura, 2nd officer of Aegis Juris, and 2nd master initiator at Horacio Castillo III hazing murder, no frat hazing initiator has come out to tell us the unbelievable punishment they subject neophytes at frat hazings. 

Parents and prospective frat neophytes might clip this column to warn your 18-year-old when he is recruited, pressured to join an org/ fraternity that kills. The exact number of deaths is far from complete. Daily, readers email names and circumstances of dead frat neophytes:

Tau Gamma Phi (11 hazing deaths) : Technological College of the Philippines (1); Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa (1); Central Luzon State U (1); Enverga U (1) ; Holy Cross Davao College (1); Lyceum of the Philippines Cavite (1); DepEd Alternative Learning System (1); Notre Dame Tacurong College (1); De La Salle St. Benilde (1); Southern Luzon State U (1); Western Mindanao State U (1).
Alpha Phi Omega (6 hazing deaths) UP Diliman (2); UP Los Baños (1) U.Visayas (1); Capiz State U (1); U.Makati (1).
Philippine Military Academy (3 hazing deaths made known)
Upsilon Sigma Phi, UP Diliman (1 hazing death)
Beta Sigma, San Sebastian College/Recoletos (1 hazing death)
Beta Sigma, UP Diliman (1)
Aguila Legis, Ateneo de Manila (1)
Lex Talionis, San Beda (1)
Araullo U. Cabanatuan (1)
Scintilla Juris, UP Baguio (1)
Epsilon Chi, UP Diliman (1)
Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (1)
Sigma Mu, Far Eastern University
Beta Sigma Rho, Casanayan Natl High School (1)
Kapatiran ng mga Kabataang Kriminolohiya (2 hazing deaths): St. Therese College/Iloilo (1); U.Iloilo (1); 
Scout Royale Brotherhood (2 hazing deaths)
Sigma Rho, UP Diliman (1)
Lambda Rho Beta, San Beda College (1)
Lex Leonum Fraternitas, San Beda (1)
Maritime Academy of Asia & Pacific (1); 
True Brown Style Gang (TBS) Fortunato Halili High School (1)
Aegis Juris, University of Santo Tomas (1)

What goes on at frat initiations? This is what happens at fraternity hazings where the brods start out by getting drunk to get their brains numb, immuned: First came the boxing and punches. Ten or more surround the victim, excited to take their turns to pow! their new brod. The punches on the arms of the neophyte do not stop until the skin and muscles break out, pumutok. When the arms and upper part of the body breaks out, putok na, the medical spatulas. To control the swelling and oozing of blood and water, the swellings are tapped with medical spatulas to reduce the swelling and calm the muscles. Medical spatulas are among the tools used for this prelims to death. The other tools, the paddles are used for the below the waist targets.

There are repeated blows of the paddles, on record, four hours long until the neophyte collapses. Not all the members present are attacking. The others, probably exhausted from punching and paddling the neophyte, take a break and go to the party next room to get more drunk since alcoholic drinks are present at this murderous party called initiation hazing. 

Frat brods are relentless in inflicting pain and injury. What they did were not symbolic acts of initiation into brotherhood or tests of character. Each paddle whack, each punch and each candle wax drip had built into deathly blows from which no one could have emerged a whole person physically, emotionally and mentally. The neophyte was a whole man before he underwent hazing, and came out of it a broken mass in pain.

But days before this murder night, the neophyte victim goes through one week of “service”--when the neophyte is subjected to psychological and physical tests--humiliation, slappings, doing tasks and running errands for their future frat brods. 

Senator Chiz Escudero: “John Paul Solano cannot be a state witness.... The Aegis Juris fraternity members involved in the killing of the UST law freshman are tarnishing the reputation of the law profession....The Aegis Juris fratmen’s participation could prevent these law students from taking the bar examination and could be grounds for the disbarment of practicing lawyers.

Solano will remain a respondent charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury. As hateful as John Paul Solano’s deportment, lies, that We, the People of the Philippines, have been subjected to, impaled with, one can’t help but feel sorry for John Paul Solano. 

Solano is as a lackey that abides unthinkingly to all disastrous commands that are spewed at him by his untrustworthy lawyers and his scheming, cruel Aegis Juris brods. Compunction nor innate ethics plays no role in Solano. How dense cam one be to accept depthless and unsound orders from around him, especially from his lightweight lawyers who so far gave debatable counsel. Proof? Solano is in a bigger mess today than that day when unfortunate Atio was beaten to death by Solano’s cruel Aegis Juris brods. 

Solano’s first in his chain of lies was his story that he was just walking along a busy Tondo street when he noticed a lifeless body wrapped in a blanket on the sidewalk. He hailed a passing vehicle to, like a Biblical Samaritan, rescue a dying unknown.

But he stupidly choose a far away hospital, Chinese General, instead of his own school’s UST hospital right around the corner. Turns up that he was ordered to lie, and lethargically, Solano obeys. Didn’t this student lawyer think that such obeisance is cretinous; asinine, putting him in this criminally pathetic state he is in today. 

Solano presumptuously sees himself not as an On-job-training, OJT med-tech working student, but as a specialist cardiologist to dare pronounce, without a need for thorough diagnoses, that this patient “died, not of hazing, but of an existing heart condition.” Solano, unable to decide for himself what is just and ethical, just echoes such statements that his lawyer whispers in his ears. 

Quoting Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubiri: “After Solano tried to sell his stupidities to the Philippine Senate, he now is selling his stupidities to the people. But the people can spot a quack [med tech?] who will do and say anything to save his skin. Solano’s lawyer whispered to Solano that Atio himself should be the escape goat for Atio’s own death. [Other hazing murders the past decades on file have used the same scapegoat scheme. One judge sided with the guilty that the victim died because he himself “chose” to die,

“Regardless of any health pre-condition which the parents completely deny, it is obvious that Solano and his lawyers are just conjuring excuses for Atio’s murder. How can they explain the discoloration of the body due to massive hematoma? How can they dispute the medico-legal finding of DNA of Atio on the paddle used by the Aegis Juris fratmen? The use of paddle is illegal under the Anti- hazing Law. Their alibi clearly shows a massive disrespect for Atio, the Castillo family, and the Filipino people. What proof does Solano and his lawyer have? 

“Having grown up in the same neighborhood, our whole community knows Atio, an athlete, a football player of Colegio San Agustin. Atio, at the peak of his stamina at age 22, was very active, an athlete, football, a goalkeeper, in excellent health. He had no heart disease, stated his mother, Carmina Castillo, or his parents and relatives who said physicians would not have allowed him to play such a demanding, debilitating sport as football if he had a heart problem. Solano is blatantly lying through his teeth to cover up the criminal acts of his Aegis Juris frat brods. He is acting like a criminal syndicate member! He should be punished as well for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury for the death of Atio Castillo.” So concludes Senator Zubiri in his press release. 

Zubiri filed Resolution No. 504 that initiated the series of Senate investigations by Sen. Panfilo Lacson as Chairman of the Committee on Public Order and Drugs. 

Currently, Arvin Balag, the GP of Aegis Juris is kept in detention, for contempt, as he refused to respond and obfuscated questioning during the Senate inquiry.

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