July 19, 2018, 5:50 am
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Divorce – a need

The CBCP, Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, insists that 80%, of more than 100+ million Filipinos are practicing RCs who don’t divorce even for a dysfunctional marriages. I’m surrounded by practicing, church-going RC relatives and friends and too many of them are wishing for a divorce law. So they can stop shackin’-up and make legal the status of their bedmates and children. 

Too many Catholics in the Philippines are so docile to their church that the church has gotten away with denying miserable couples the right to divorce. Please end a dangerously dysfunctional marriage. A divorce as defined in this bill pending in Congress replaces one dysfunctional miserably unhappy home where violence and parricide are likely. 

Those pathetic children in these dysfunctional homes hide under blankets and under stairs, shaking in fear, hearing mother and father throw hatred and plates at each other. Children in these dysfunctional marriages grow up with their mother and father not speaking with each other, hurting each other physically, emotionally; the children are aware that their parents wish each other dead. Deprived of a legal way to get out of a sick marriage, Filipinos (mostly wives) prefer the heartache of separation from their children, leave as OFWs to get away from an undesirable spouse. Too many OFWs leave, not for dollars, but to escape ill-treatment from a hated spouse. President Duterte, please know that a divorce law will help unfortunate OFWs.

All Biblican edicts refer to the male, husband, as the litigant, complainer. Because only males mattered. The Bible recognized that the women non-entity, fixtures. Now, with higher light and knowledge of the true marriage, and all the responsibilities that grow out of it, abused contemporary wives begin to feel themselves more degraded by remaining with unworthy partners. It requires great courage and self-respect for abused maltreated wives, however exploited and miserable, to affirm these new rights and privileges. 

To deny those unhappy of the right to divorce is a discriminatory practice. Many women are forced to stay in a marriage that is disastrous, either physically or emotionally. Both from a women’s perspective, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot apply also to present day men. Disgusting that our Congress allow women, or men for that matter, to stay in horrible relationships and be miserable parents to their children simply because the Romano church does not recognize happiness. The Vatican orders 104 million Filipinos No-Divorce. Those not in favor of divorce need not avail of it, but they should not deprive other Filipinos of the right to divorce. 

Politicians of the Philippines are frightened of what their churches’ claim to be a “block-vote” of the religions. Politicians avoid the divorce issue for fear of not being elected in this block-vote. In fact, religions’ claim to block-votes is fake news. RC, INC, JIL endorsed politicians who lost elections because the church members themselves do not follow their churches’ political endorsements. 

The CBCP claims that 80% of the population of the Philippines is devout practicing Roman Catholic. This is not supported by the census. There are in the Philippines 10.3 million Muslims; 13 million Protestants; 2 million Buddhists; 3 million Dating Daan Church of God; 2 million Jehovah Witnesses; 3 million Iglesia INC; 2 million Bahai, Hindu; 5 million Atheists, Agnostics; 3 million Mormons; 4 million Aglipayans; 6 million Latter Day Saints, Evangelicals; 5 million Free Thinkers, irreligious, nonpracticing RC, nonpracticing Protestants; 8 million Rizalistas, Philippine Benevolent Missionary Asso., Juche NOKOR, Sikhs, Jews; many many others. If the stats are to be believed, only one-third of the one million population, 34%, and not 80% are practicing RCs.

“Why then would one want divorce if legal separation, annulment and declarations of nullity are juridical options already available?”--CBCP President Socrates Villegas. 

May I explain it to you, sir: legal separation simply orders the married couple to live apart before they kill each other. Sooner or later, one or both will find new love. They will shack up, not allowed to marry because RCs will not allow divorce. Have children who are bastards with no legal position in society. Easily 60% of “couples” with children you see around the Philippines are in this shacking-up status because each was married to somebody else before. Annulment is managed by the RC and therefore costs lots of money; the average Filipino cannot afford the RC-dictated annulment; exactly like a divorce, but with a price tag of c. P150,000 and many years of bureaucratic wait and requirements, the victims tell us. Nullity is more unlikely. Proof is needed that there was deception from the start--like the husband did not tell the wife that he has no penis; she is a mental patient. 

Divorce is legally equitable; will be handled by judges. The assets and resources of the couple will be shared to support the children. If the woman makes more money than the man, she will have to help support him. The children will be shared by the father and mother in two separate, happy homes.

A survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) revealed that 60 percent of adult Filipinos want divorce to be legalized for “irreconcilably separated” couples.


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