September 25, 2017, 1:37 am
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The end of DACA (2)

CLOSE to a million people from the Philippines and other countries face deportation from the United States, after the end of the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (commonly known as “DACA”) program.

US President Donald Trump ended the program, but allowed a six-month delay for enactment     by the US Congress to enact legislation that will address the immigration status of those currently in the DACA program.

What will happen to those who were granted DACA after the program officially ended, assuming Congress does not pass something to replace it is a question without an answer at this time.

DACA was designed to help so-called “Dreamers”, a term used to refer to an undocumented immigrant brought to the U.S. at a young age. It was then President Barack Obama/s signature immigration accomplishment.

A grant of DACA meant the beneficiaries would receive protected status and work authorization for two years and was considered by many to be life-changing.

Whether ending the DACA was a decision made with “heart” is debatable, but what is clear is that President Trump noted that it was the job of Congress to pass to pass immigration legislation rather than the President, in this case President Obama. DACA will officially continue for six months, thereby .providing Congress an opportunity to enact a suitable replacement.

In the last few days and weeks, the report revealed, there has been bilateral support for continuing DACA due to the fact that these children were brought to the U.S. through no fault of their own.

Most high profile Republicans advocated the continuance of DACA, ,but there were many of them who believed that President Obama was wrong to enact the program through executive action rather than allowing Congress to legislation dealing with the issue.

There are now close to a million people more confused than ever about immigration status. They do not know whether they will be deported or granted immigration benefits by Congress.
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