April 19, 2018, 7:30 pm
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Aseana Square, the next stopover in bay area

Aseana Holdings Inc.(AHI), a subsidiary of D.M. Wenceslao & Associates Inc. (DMWAI), recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for its newest dining and retail strip development, Aseana Square.

Located on Macapagal boulevard in Aseana City, Aseana Square is a two-storey building that will feature a lively streetscape ambience which will serve as a stop-over to motorists going to and from the airport and the South.

The 3,507-square meterdining and retail strip will house 25 leasable spaces—mostly food stores and wellness shops—joining other food establishments anchored by a Chevron gasoline station. 

“All of these developments are part of our vision to provide Filipinos with convenient lifestyles and to make them experiencecity life to the fullest,” said s Delfin Angelo  Wenceslao, managing director of AHI. “It will be a worthy investment for brands that will be a part of this breezy, leisurely, distinctively modern and dynamic stop-over experience.” 

Aseana Square will offer convenience to motorists and visitors who will pass by the area, as there will be banks, a variety of fast food chains and a mix of upscale restaurants, coffee shops, as well as spa and wellness centers for those looking for a relaxing treat. 

“We envision it to be the next go-to place for those looking for quick food and retail therapy and more,” Wenceslao added.  

As the developer of Aseana Square, DMWAI and AHI were formed to cater to the development potential of Aseana City, DMWAI’s 107-hectare flagship city development fronting Manila Bay. 

To date, projects of AHI in Aseana City includeAseana PowerStation,three office buildings namely Aseana One, Aseana Two and Aseana Three and Pixel Residences, its first residential condominium development. 
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