July 23, 2018, 1:43 am
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The Cirque gives staycations a new twist

The Cirque’s one-bedroom loft is a popular choice among guests due to the unique layout and contemporary design of its space.

Staycations have become popular in recent years, with more and more people opting to stay in hotels and serviced residences instead of driving off somewhere for a weekend retreat.

It makes sense: staycations are easy because it affords people the comfort of a vacation without having to give up access to a rich selection of business, retail, and entertainment facilities.

Serviced residences newcomer The Cirque aims to elevate the  staycation experience by combining it with adventure.

The Cirque at Circulo Verde is developed by premier property developer Ortigas & Company in partnership with leading serviced residences operator Hospitality Innovators Inc. (HII).

“We’re offering something quite unique. The Cirque is integrated to the whole Circulo Verde estate thus injecting it with possibilities beyond the usual staycation experience,” said Thomas Mirasol, Ortigas & Company senior vice president and chief operating officer.

The Cirque’s 55 units are spread across the Ibiza and Seville towers of Ortigas & Company’s Circulo Verde. Each unit is tailor-made for brief staycations and extended stays for families, barkadas, corporate business travelers, and leisure travelers. Pets are also welcome to enjoy the property’s pet-friendly facilities. 

The one-bedroom flat, one-bedroom loft, and two-bedroom units were designed with the objective of making guests feel comfortable and inspired. K. Benitez Designs designed The Cirque’s modern spaces, while Kibu Design Concepts curated each unit’s furnishing. The use of beautiful and distinct materials such as Ecocarat Japanese breathing tiles that absorb humidity and odor, and Daiken’s textile walls that absorb sound, were at the forefront of the design process to enhance the well being of guests. 

“Guided by the ethos of functional simplicity, each unit is thoughtfully filled with stylish pieces with purpose. Aside from the stylish units, guests will also appreciate the breadth of amenities that The Cirque has to offer with an array of dining, fitness, and lifestyle options. Also, families and leisure travelers have the chance to make their beloved pets a part of the experience. The Cirque is truly tailor-made for great staycations,” said Luis  Monserrat, HII founder and  chief executive officer.
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