February 24, 2018, 10:29 pm
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Connecting people, passions through Facebook groups

FACEBOOK Groups are helping bring people in the Philippines together and enabling them to build communities with others who share the same interests, causes, and passions. Recently, Facebook has allowed Pages administrators to create groups within their own Pages to provide brands, organizations, media companies with the ability to better engage with their followers. This new tool will help the nearly 10 million Page admins who build communities and drive authentic conversations. 

Below are some of the most interesting Facebook Groups and communities in the Philippines that you could join or inspire you to start your own. 

MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY PHILIPPINES (28,463 members). Today’s impressive smartphones have turned any “Juan” into a photographer. Mobile Photography Philippines is a venue for aspiring photographers and photography enthusiasts to show off those mobile photography skills while finding inspiration and learning from fellow shooters. Every week, community Admins set daily themes ranging from food photography to urban or documentary photography to guide members’ photo submissions. Looking to showcase the capabilities of your iPhone X or an engaging audience to share tips and tricks with? Mobile Photography Philippines might be the place for you. 

MANILA VEGANS (19,717 members). Looking for fellow vegans to share cooking tips, and swap recipes and restaurant recommendations with? Manila Vegans is a group created for vegans and vegan-curious to provide support on the practical aspects of being vegan. It’s also a space to discuss burning issues such as ethics, animal rights, and related advocacies. Take part in the group’s 30-day vegan challenge to kickstart your new cruelty-free and mindful lifestyle. “I wanted to create a place where vegans can talk about animal rights and for those who aspire to be vegans can get all the support they need to make it happen,” said Nancy Siy, Founder and Admin of Manila Vegans. 

GUARDIANS OF THE FUR (51,390 members). Guardians of the Fur is a Facebook group of pet-parents and animal lovers that was created to help dogs and cats in need of medical help and care. The group brings strays and rescued animals together with adoptive families to give them better lives. Beyond connecting with fellow Guardians on Facebook, Guardians of the Fur also organizes fun runs to help raise funds for the community’s spaying and neutering projects. 

ADVOCATES FOR HERITAGE PRESERVATION (15,298 members). Passionate about Filipino heritage? You might want to join Advocates for Heritage Preservation. AHP is an advocacy group created to helps create awareness for the protection, preservation and promotion of Filipino cultural, historical, religious & natural heritage. The group shares updates on the activities and projects of the National Commission for Culture & the Arts, National Historical Commission of the Philippines, The National Museum of the Philippines, and The National Library of the Philippines, among others. They also host regular meet-ups and heritage tours hosted by their different chapters around the country. 

YUMMY HOME KITCHEN DIRECTORY (2,503 members). What started as a simple directory for foodies searching for local homemade dishes has evolved into an online farmers’ market filled with some of the most unique food products in the Metro. Beyond helping the gourmand satisfy their cravings, Yummy Home Kitchen also promotes the local cottage industry by providing a venue for talented homemakers to find customers and grow their small business.
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