July 23, 2018, 2:12 am
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Epson re-engineers visual imaging technology

BY Raymond B. Tribdino

HOLOGRAM projection, integrated ink tank printers and new print head technologies are the pivots by which Epson Philippines Corp. (EPC) is disrupting the imaging industry. In its launch to trade partners and the media called “Greatness Re-Engineered” EPC showcased these technologies which are expected to cause major shifts in the laser printer and traditional projection markets. 

“Epson has a vertically integrated model driven by our core technologies that sees us creating products from the ground up – handling every aspect of our product development, manufacture, sale, right down to service and support. And it is this edge that differentiates us from our competitors,” Toshimitsu Tanaka, Managing Director and President, Epson Philippines and Country Manager, Epson Singapore Pte. Ltd. said.

The company’s newest A4 duplex integrated ink tank printer, the new L-series printers, boast of having one of the lowest printing costs in the market. The new sleek design is more compact with the ink tank integrated into the printer instead of sticking out on the side as is traditionally done thus offering the smallest desktop footprint amongst all brands of ink tank printers.

Epson’s visual imaging development is rooted on the multi-sectoral usage of Epson’s projector products The development path of Epson projectors follows a similar thread of innovating for the future, with key considerations of improving projector performance and customizing visual technologies for various industry needs. 

To display this leadership in the projection market, performances during the launch, included Hologram Projection that showcased the development of Epson’s visual imaging technologies. Guests were able to engage with Epson innovations with a Projection Photo Booth and a Dynamic Wall.

Constantly listening to the market, conscientiously paying attention to detail in developing functional design and commitment to drive productivity and value for business customers are key factors in Epson’s success and thriving leadership in the Philippines and in the global market. 

“As a technology company, Epson takes great pride in our attention to details and innovation. We aspire to be a company that takes care of every detail using the most innovative technology in the world to meet the demands of the market. And it is our focus on details that has led to our success today,” Tanaka explains.
Tanaka also announced that all the products launched during the event were manufactured locally in Epson Precision Philippines Inc. or EPPI, Epson’s manufacturing facility in the Philippines.

Locally manufacturing the printers and projectors will is will further cement the brand’s local leadership where is owns 55 percent of the total printer market.  The company will export Philippine made Epson products and provide better coverage for the South East Asian market where it captured 70 percent of the inkjet market. Over 20 million Epson ink tank printers sold worldwide since its launch in 2010.

Epson’s market leadership was studied and reported by the research firm International Data Corp. (IDC).

“Since IDC started tracking the market in 1996, no vendor in the long history of this highly competitive industry was able to command a market share more than 50 percent. Despite other brands’ entry into the ink tank space last 2014 and 2015, Epson’s domination of this segment is apparent. IDC showed that in the 1st half of 2017, Epson sold more than 3 times the quantity other brands have sold, combined” Jester Cruz, Department Head for Product Management Division, Epson Philippines.

Epson is already disrupting the laser printer markets with different inkjet products. In the small and medium scale business segment its business inkjetline-up is market leader and for the large to enterprise segment Epson’s high-speed inkjet multifunction printers are competing strongly mainly with the A3 laser copiers which are predominant in this segment. 

“We are witnessing a very clear shift in the printing market. While the ink tank segment grows, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon, the laser market segment has been declining. Epson is committed to the business printing segment by constantly developing and introducing a wide range of products suited to each business category,” Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager and Head of Marketing, EPC reveals

Epson’s long-term product development and manufacturing philosophy is aligned with the company’s motivation to innovate for the future to realize the company’s business goals, and at the same time ensure customer satisfaction and preserve the environment with its limited resources.  
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