May 26, 2017, 9:50 pm
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FDI up 59%

Foreign direct investments (FDI) recorded net inflows of $756 million in November 2016, higher by 59.4 percent than the $474 million posted in the same period in 2015.

The bulk of the net inflows during the month was in the form of debt instruments (or intercompany borrowings), which amounted to $544 million, about three times the $185 million recorded in November 2015. 

This more than compensated for the 34.7 percent decline in net equity capital investments to $154 million from $236 million.  

In gross terms, equity capital placements rose by 77.9 percent to $437 million while withdrawals increased by more than 28 times its level a year ago to reach $283 million.  

Equity capital infusion came mostly from Hong Kong, the United States, Taiwan, Germany, and Czech Republic.  

These were invested mainly in arts, entertainment and recreation; financial and insurance; real estate; wholesale and retail trade; and professional, scientific and technical activities.  

Reinvestment of earnings grew by 9.5 percent to $58 million during the month.
On a year-to-date basis, net FDI inflows registered a year-on-year increase of 25.4 percent to reach $7 billion for the first eleven months of 2016.  

The continued FDI inflows were buoyed by investors’ confidence in the economy on the back of sound macroeconomic fundamentals and sustained growth potential. 

Net availments of debt instruments increased by 44.4 percent to $4.5 billion from $3.1 billion in the comparable period in 2015. 

In addition, net equity capital investments grew by 3.4 percent to $1.8 billion. 

This developed as gross equity capital placements of $2.4 billion exceeded withdrawals of $555 million.  

The bulk of equity capital placements emanated largely from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, and Taiwan, and was channeled mainly to financial and insurance; arts, entertainment and recreation; manufacturing; real estate; and construction activities. Reinvestment of earnings reached $663 million during the period.
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