April 19, 2018, 7:32 pm
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Netsuite’s founder leads anti-cancer advocacy

NetSuite’s founder and CTO Evan Goldberg and wife Cindy takes command of the BRAC Foundation, a philanthropic effort of the couple aimed at studying and finding cures to cancer. 

Foundation studies have proven that most cancers may derive from BRCA or BRCA-like mutations and have determined how new drugs are having dramatic results to stem or cure cancer.

BRCA refers to a genetic distortion that is responsible for breast cancer and possible mutations that may result from the presence of the human gene and its protein product in the body.

Goldberg, who was adopted at birth, was compelled to create the BRCA Foundation after being reunited with his birth mother, who tracked him down as an adult to inform him of his risk for carrying a BRCA gene mutation. 

BRCA gene mutations significantly heighten the risk of developing or passing along certain types of cancer. 

After meeting his birth mother and being tested, Mr. Goldberg discovered that he is a carrier of the BRCA gene mutation. 

The couple have committed $10M to accelerate positive health outcomes not only for his family, but many people in the U.S. who carry BRCA gene mutations, and, by extension, those genetically-predisposed to cancer around the globe. 

Applying the same entrepreneurial spirit that helped propel him to leadership in Silicon Valley, Mr. Goldberg is committed to blazing a trail toward better results in BRCA-related cancer outcomes. - RGBT
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