July 26, 2017, 2:30 am
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Online car marketplace now in PH

Rocket Internet’s vehicle marketplace, Carmudi, has hit 5,000 cars in just three months. 
Carmudi  is the country’s fastest growing vehicle marketplace, growing by 900 percent since it launched in January 2014, with a market of over 36 million online users. 
Other players in the market took more than a year to reach a similar milestone, which raises curiosity about Carmudi’s rapid growth.
Nicolas Boldt, country manager of www.carmudi.com.ph said: “We started from scratch in January, and it’s been a difficult but worthwhile climb to where we are right now. The dedication of our team is absolutely remarkable. I have worked with people from many cultures and I feel that Filipinos are exceptionally hardworking. And I attribute a lot of our success to that,” he added.
Carmudi is known worldwide as being one of the best online vehicle platforms for car buyers and dealers, with the number of unique visitors increasing rapidly every single day. The listings are absolutely authentic as Carmudi has strict standards in quality control, which assures that there will never be a listing that is not trustworthy and secure.
www.carmudi.com.ph is a vehicle marketplace that enables customers to easily find or sell their car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle online.
Carmudi offers diverse vehicle listings, an intuitive website design and high security standards to avoid fraud. 
The business platform operates under a high level of transparency through professional photos, updated listings, detailed descriptions, reports and rankings for 100 percent of its vehicles in each market. 
Vehicle dealers get a trusted online presence through a personalized webpage. The Carmudi platform helps sellers manage their inventory in a fast, easy and stress-free way.
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