July 23, 2018, 2:05 am
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PH supplies passion to NetSuite’s CSR programs

NETSUITE runs its biggest operations outside the mainland United States in the Philippines, where it has 2 offices and employs nearly 1,200 people—about 22% of the company’s total corporate population. It is also in the Philippines where the most number of volunteers for the company’s social impact arm, NetSuite.org comes from.

“Something that amazes me with our members of the Philippines is that they are incredibly passionate,” says Erin Dieterich, Director of Corporate Citizenship.  “They are constantly looking for ways to give back by understanding the communities and they are in, and really looking for ways to answer those needs. They are really driven by that passion.”

“I think that volunteerism is something that is deeply imbedded in the corporate culture at NetSuite in the Philippines,” Thomas Kim, Managing Director of NetSuite Philippines points out. “I would be surprised, in fact I would be shocked, if even one person in our company would be shy in joining one of our SuiteImpact programs,” he adds.

The positive impact of the Philippine team to NetSuite is further emphasized by the fact that 50% of the technical volunteers of the whole social impact program of the company comes from the Manila office.

Every aspect is covered, from assisting nonprofits start using the software to actual community service like building house in Gawad Kalinga project areas.

“Everyone gets excited doing something good for someone else is one of the things I really love working in Manila,” adds Kim, who was assigned to the Philippines earlier this year.

Personally established by Netsuite Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Evan Goldberg in 2007, Netsuite.org, was designed to maximize the company’s main assets—its software and its people—to create a positive impact on society by directly assisting nonprofits achieve their various missions.

“That helps take away the trouble of enterprise management, so that nonprofits can focus on doing what they do best—to do good,” emphasizes David Geilhufe, NetSuite’s Senior Director for Corporate Citizenship and Nonprofit Vertical.

NetSuite.org’s programs were built for common execution since inception to ensure that they will apply to any situation where it is needed. Combined with the flexibility of NetSuite itself—as a cloud-based enterprise resource planning platform that enhances productivity and improves on the pump priming of a nonprofit. 

Involving no major hardware purchase also means faster start-up times or better bottom lines for any business, be it a not-for-profit or a huge corporate enterprise. Just a “download and operate system” that is both familiar in its user graphical interface, and customizable for any type of business.

“We started the social impact programs 9 years ago,” says Geilhufe. “But we started the programs globally, meaning not just in the US. But what I noticed that in the Philippines, the team members are so engaged, we find it faster to grow the programs in Manila, than it is to grow them from our other locations…so we can do more good,” he adds.

Amplifying the social impact of nonprofits and social enterprises around the world the NetSuite way includes active social impact activities such as the “Hackathon for Good” and a global feeding action “Make Good Happen.” 

Both activities are a direct impact within specific societies or circles where they apply but all require thinking, a business acumen and a spirit of volunteerism.  

“Make Good Happen” for example is a global feeding program that involves volunteers committing a specific amount of time to pack food items into bags. The project estimates that just 50 volunteers spending 1 hour can produce 10,000 food packs a day—25 bags per person. At the end of the three-day conference, the conference hall where the event happened was filled with boxes and boxes of packed food.

As a platform for successful business management and through the unique initiatives, including software donations the pro bono SuiteVolunteer projects and other social solutions such as direct volunteer work in community building NetSuite.org also differentiates itself because the powerful technology it offers is literally operational with one laptop.

The company, which is the global leader in cloud-only financial and customer manangement software-as-a-service (SaaS) currently serves nearly 650 nonprofits and non-government organization providing Netsuite’s powerful technology through its software donation and discount program. This allows them to operate all aspects of the business side of the social enterprises it supports.

“These social enterprises want to make their missions happen, and want to solve things and make the world better,” says Peggy Duvette, Director of Social Impact. 

“In the Philippine we are really successful, and I wish we can take credit for it but it really their passion and energy that makes it happen. We are just enablers, we enable that energy and accelerate that energy. Our programs are really global, but in fact it is localized and I think that it is really beautiful to witness.”

The ability of NetSuite to be customized to the needs of the company also assures it can  apply to a smaller requirement as adjust as it grows. And it the growth means growing from local to global, the scalability of the platform assures it can adjust seamless to the requirements.

“We know that software alone isn’t enough for nonprofits to operate well so we also provide technical expertise and pro bono work for them to utilize the software properly and maximize the way they work,” adds Dietrich. 

The Philippine team also contributes more than the requires 16 hours volunteer time allocated per employee to the pro bono work to improve social enterprises in their business. 

Kim underscores the way the social impact programs in the Philippines happens “without any expectations,” pointing to the fact that for 10 years NetSuite has been doing these activities without the need to “tell anyone,” because it was done simply with the Filipino’s passion and the desire to good.

“It is in the Philippines where NetSuite has the largest footprint….and when we call for an activity, a lot of the ideas, and the manpower to run these social activities are delivered by our team in Manila,” explains Dieterich.

Social enterprises qualified to be part of NetSuite.org are chosen through an eligibility program. The information is available on www.netsuite.org.  The company defines a social enterprise as a “not-for-profit organization that applies business strategies to achieve philanthropic goals.” 

The standard donation of NetSuite and LightCMS will be available at no cost to qualified organizations. And as the social impact group learned, many organizations, as they grow and improve in the achievement of their missions start to have needs beyond the standard donation. NetSuite offers these at a discount. 

NetSuite as an ERP offers a broad suite of applications, including accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Professional Services Automation (PSA) and ecommerce that enable companies to manage most of their core business operations in its single integrated suite. NetSuite software allows businesses to automate operations, streamline processes and access real-time business information anytime, anywhere.
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