November 21, 2017, 4:08 am
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SM Ladies’ Fashion opens Philippine Fashion Week 2013

SM  Ladies’  Fashion  set the bar high as it opened Philippine Fashion Week 2013 with a delectable fusion of  cosmopolitan  elegance and showmanship. The show featured a multi-range lineup from in-house brands Studio,  Weekender,  Philosophy, Folio, nY Square, and Coco Cabaña.  Hologram  effects also served as a backdrop to the vibrant display of prints, brights, and elegant silhouettes.
Even with show-stopping elements as a come-on, the country’s leading fashion store let the clothes speak for themselves. SM Ladies’ Fashion successfully styled its retail offerings into a veritable runway  show  with  an  elegant,  sometimes  irreverent  mix  of  chic prints, emphasis on impeccable tailoring, and a strong concoction of basics and hot trends.
The  show  was  segmented  for  various  lifestyle  sets—from  the career woman and business maven to the globe-trotting fashionista.
The result was a fashionably diverse lineup at once aspirational and wearable. each segment showcased styling options to suit the modern Filipina’s need for self-expression.
Another much talked about feat was the surprise appearance of three celebrities who epitomize the range and aesthetic of SM Ladies’

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