December 12, 2017, 10:40 am
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Sta. Lucia launches Mercado Central in Iloilo

Sta. Lucia Land Inc. launched a 40-hectare commercial development that is set to be one of the biggest hubs for business, shopping, recreation and lifestyle. 

Located on the new circumferential road in Pavia, Mercado Central is set to be one of the largest commercial developments in Greater Iloilo. The commercial hub features a vibrant dining, shopping, and recreation scene within easy reach of the area’s residents. 

The development has a transportation hub which makes it easily accessible.

Office condominiums in the area provide space for businesses and companies.

A convention center is another key feature making the area a prime space for business, while several top tier hotels and condotels provide the perfect accommodation

Meanwhile, a supermarket, community center, hospital, church, and school provide for the basic needs of people within the vicinity.

Campo Alcantara, an international standard football field, can serve as host to national and international football competitions as well as training grounds for aspiring footballers. The field can also serve as venue for other sports competitions and even big concerts.

Meanwhile, the wellness and health center shall feature leading healthcare providers, spas and gyms.

Retail shops and restaurants are also part of the development.

Mercado Central is part of Hacienda Verde, a 125-hectare development that also includes an exclusive residential area. 
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