September 25, 2017, 1:30 am
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Madis, Velez eye PPS Mlang ‘double’

JAZZELLE Madis and John David Velez hope to live up to the hype when they banner the field in the Palawan Pawnshop-Palawan Express Pera Padala Mlang regional age group tennis tournament which gets going this Friday at the M’lang Tennis Club in Cotabato.

Madis is the top seed in the girls’ 16 and 18-under divisions and is ranged against Minette Bentillo, Arnie Diaz and Jeanne Gornes in both categories of the Group 2 tournament presented by Slazenger.

Velez looms as the player to beat in two sections of the boys’ side, with the Davao find bracing for a duel with Cedric Pamplona, Joaquin Palo and Andrei Padao among others in the big 32-player 14-under field.

Velez, a multi-winner in the country’s biggest age-grouper put up by Palawan Pawnshop, headed by president-CEO Bobby Castro, faces a tough battle in the 16-under division that drew the likes of Bruce Hurtado, Reyman Saldivar, Christian Villarin, Herald Aton, Pamplona and Palo.

Hurtado and Villarin banner the premier 18-under category of the event backed by the Unified Tennis Group, composed of Cebuana Lhuillier, PPS-PEPP, Wilson, Toby’s, BMeg, Citigreen, Babolat and Tru-Flex.

The other fancied players are Saldivar, Pamplona, Andrei Padao and Charles Jumawan in the boys’ 12-under and Bentillo, Jillian Manangking, Sheboh Ripdos and Jasmen Kadalum in the girls’ 14-under section, while Tennielle Madis, Jose Cabanting, Raicy Bentillo and Shaun Globasa head the 10-unisex field.

The country’s long-running circuit will hold its next stop in Pikit, Cotabato leg on Sept. 21-25. For details, call PPS-PEPP sports program development director Bobby Mangunay at 0915-4046464.
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