February 24, 2018, 10:39 pm
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Column Of The Day

Ban Open Pit mining? Ban Caes

by JOSE BAYANI BAYLON on November 22, 2017
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‘But always you will have people who are are convinced that open pit or surface mining is evil.’

Trashy Trudeau and toothy Arde

by REY O. ARCILLA on November 21, 2017
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‘As the top officials of their governments, the two ought to be well-versed in good manners and right conduct.’

No wonder Martin Luther broke

by JOSE BAYANI BAYLON on November 20, 2017
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‘As for the Truth that the church loves to teach about? Who cares about it if it is against the wishes of the Bishop?’

Thumbs up and down at Asean

by JOSE BAYANI BAYLON on November 17, 2017
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‘This is the issue of the general public’s grasp of what it means for our country to be part of a greater, regional association of nations.’

America’s China problem

by NESTOR MATA on November 16, 2017
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‘It is worth reflecting on the dynamics of the Sino-American relationship.’

Our Asean week

by DAHLI ASPILLERA on November 15, 2017
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‘Not too far from the Jollibee where he bought a carry-out lunch, PM Trudeau should have visited the port where 77 containers of reeking garbage await his order to ship back to Canada from where they came.’

Canadian waste

by REY O. ARCILLA on November 14, 2017
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‘Two years ago, Prime Minister Trudeau promised to find a “Canadian Solution” to the waste dumped in the Philippines. Nothing has happened since.’

When Iskolars are not too scho

by JOSE BAYANI BAYLON on November 13, 2017
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‘Iskolars ng Bayan can at times be far from scholarly, especially when blinded by their ideological reasoning.’

Contradicting Duterte

by DODY LACUNA on November 10, 2017
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‘Government has no intention of putting the Nueva Ecija drug rehab to good use.’

Medical Journal updates

by PHILIP S. CHUA on November 09, 2017
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‘Light activities in and around the house, like daily mundane endeavors of daily living help prolong life.’ 


Front Page

Column of the Day

Rappler’s continuing saga

By DAHLI ASPILLERA | February 23,2018
‘Without a court TRO against the SEC ruling, Rappler’s accreditation in Malacañang was considered revoked.” – Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra.’

Opinion of the Day

Duterte does not understand media’s role in a democracy

By ELLEN TORDESILLAS | February 23, 2018
‘This is funny if it didn’t violate the constitutional guarantee of freedom of the press.’